How ESET Uses Company Culture To Be Safer Online

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Heritage Month
How ESET Uses its Company Culture to Fight the Good Fight for South Africans to be Safer Online

This heritage month ESET is taking time to celebrate our workplace culture! Our team members are all unique individuals with different perspectives on life and work, which helps us create products aimed at solving real-world problems faced by users from all walks of life.

So, while we as a nation celebrate our diverse culture and heritage, we at ESET see an opportunity for us to celebrate the unique culture we have built - something we are immensely proud of. We believe that if each workplace could use Heritage Month to foster greater social cohesion, nation building and a shared national identity, this will filter into our country becoming one team and working towards one common goal.

ESET South Africa’s company culture has been taken very seriously from day one. Our COE, Carey explains: “As you grow, your culture grows with you. If you don’t put it down from the beginning, or as you go, there is this big milestone for other people to understand you.” After a lot of time working on the culture that felt right, ESET South Africa was able to say with confidence and in a meaningful way, “this is who we are.”

We are a family business, and we treat our business and our team like family. We encourage a culture of fitness and health, and our focus on personal development helps each unique individual strive to reach their full potential so that we can collectively continue fighting the good fight for South Africans to be safer online. 

We spoke to a few members of the ESET family to share their thoughts and experiences of ESET’s work culture. Here’s what they had to say: 

How would you describe ESET’s work culture?

“A culture where we are always pushing for the team to bring their best version of themselves, building a strong core of both personal and business growth, with different diverse perspectives that are celebrated, while caring for each other as you would for your own family.” - Carey, CEO

“I have been exposed to many types of work environments and cultures in my 20 years and I can hand on heart say that ESET is second to none! It is inclusive, competitive, driven, fun, fair and sometimes a little crazy and that’s how we like it! The characteristics mentioned are not only uniquely adopted by every department but effortlessly filtered down from our CEO and the executive team which truly gives you that home away from home feeling.  Working at ESET and sharing most of my day with these wonderful people, has enriched my life and given me so much to be grateful for.” – Nick, Operations Manager

What is your favourite aspect of ESET’s work culture?

“I love the open communication we have between management and staff and the automatic feedback that is shared. We strive for trust, respect, gratitude, and integrity between us. We treat each other as friends, care for one another, and are interested in everyone's well-being. Because of these things, we can happily engage and be autonomous in challenging projects and feel constantly motivated and nurtured in a friendly atmosphere.” - Colin, IT Manager

How does ESET support your culture, beliefs, and values?

“ESET supports a culture of striving for excellence, respect for one another and being the best version of yourself. This assists me to maintain my own values and belief systems on a daily basis.” – Tasnim, Junior Group Accountant

We loved hearing what the ESET team has to say, and it’s their experiences together with our strong focus on family, health and personal development that we celebrate this month.