How To Beef Up Your Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity has become a necessity as society has progressed into the digital age. From working from home to online shopping, so much of our lives are spent online, so investing time and energy into cybersecurity becomes a non-negotiable requirement. The need for a safe digital experience drives everything we do at ESET, so we thought we’d share some of the free tools we provide to help consumers and businesses alike stay safe online. Here are our tips on how to beef up your cybersecurity.

Free Cybersecurity Training

If you’re trying to make your online workplace safer, there’s a plethora of knowledge out there to help you. It can appear daunting at first, with lots of intimidating jargon and with the sheer volume of cybersecurity content out there, which is why we’ve put together a simple yet comprehensive cybersecurity course for businesses.

Our cybersecurity training is free and accessible to everyone, and it covers everything you need to know about staying safe online in a user-friendly and practical way. In our comprehensive, free cybersecurity training course, you will learn everything you need to know about:

  • Email protection

  • Web protection

  • How to recognise and deal with threats like scams, phishing, malware, and more

  • Best practices for password security

Click here to access your free ESET cybersecurity training.

Our Free Online Scanner

Wanting to become more cybersecure starts with ensuring your computer is already safe and free of digital threats. Our free online scanner helps you do just that by scanning your computer for any existing threats to your cybersecurity and removing them for a clean and safe slate. Our expertly designed online scanner checks for and eliminates: 

Beyond ensuring your cybersafety, the ESET online scanner is a smart way to test your existing antivirus software. Our scanner is compatible with any antivirus software and can easily run alongside your current software and test its efficacy.

Click here for more on our free online scanner.

The present is the opportune time to check in with your cybersecurity and that of your business and ensure a robust cybersecurity system on your devices. As a typically daunting thing to face for any business, we’ve put together a host of free and simple tools, to turn tackling cybersecurity into a breeze.