ESET Boosts Defenses as Global Ransomware Wave Mounts

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ESET is strengthening its defenses against ransomware and adds Ransomware Shield, another layer of protection, to its already existent protection technologies (Cloud Malware Protection System, Network Attack Protection and DNA Detections). The feature is now available for ESET home user security products for OS Windows.

The functionality of Ransomware Shield comprises monitoring and evaluation of all executed applications using behavioral heuristics and, actively blocks known behaviors that resemble ransomware. In addition, Ransomware Shield can also block modifications to existing files (i.e. their encryption).

Ransomware Shield is active by default, and no special attention needs to be paid by the user to maintain protection until a detection is made. In that case, the user will be prompted to approve/deny a blocking action.

Ransomware is a specific malware family that targets user’s files. The most typical type, filecoders, encrypt data and demand a ransom to regain access to them. The main attack vectors are email attachments and exploit kits.

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