Survey of IT Managers Highlights Top Cybersecurity Technology Concerns

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ESET®, a global pioneer in proactive protection for more than two decades, today announced the results of a user survey identifying top cybersecurity technology concerns of IT managers. Overwhelmingly, the results spoke to the many different competing priorities within an enterprise IT environment, and managers’ and administrators’ need for tools that streamline processes and save them time.

“Our research shows that IT managers and administrators alike are looking for solutions that provide comprehensive protection, perform at a high level and allow them to do more with their time,” said Andrew Lee, CEO of ESET North America. “As businesses become a more attractive target to cybercriminals, proactive protection that is easy to manage, but still works effectively, is increasingly important. Now that our re-designed business security suite is available globally, we can meet this demand in multiple markets.” 

The survey, which included nearly 1000 IT managers and IT administrators, offers insight into the security priorities and importance they place on the various aspects of IT security within an organization and was conducted in United States of America using Tech Validate, a pioneer and leader in the marketing content automation field. Ninety-nine percent of respondents ranked “ease-of-use” as “very important” or “important” in managing security and 87 percent of respondents agreed a web-based dashboard would be useful in saving IT administrators’ time.
ESET Remote Administrator, which is at the core of the newly designed business security suite ESET announced globally last week, offers a mobile-friendly web-based dashboard so that IT administrators can utilize an anywhere, any device management approach. This platform-independent remote management console has been completely rebuilt to enhance usability, improve security, and lower the overall cost of implementation and management. It boasts a built-in task management system to minimize downtime, while enabling actions to be performed automatically based on dynamic group membership.
Nearly half of the survey respondents (49 percent) reported spending at least 10 percent of IT management time on reporting to meet regulatory guidelines and policies. ESET Remote Administrator has dozens of stock reports and makes it easy to create customized report templates using more than 1,000 data sources, so users can quickly and easy create reports.
Remediating security events and deploying and updating clients were the largest components of managing security that took “excessive amount of time,” according to respondents. The new ESET Remote Administrator offers dynamic groups, triggers, tasks and policies to make these tasks easy to automate, allowing IT administrators to free-up time.  
Sixteen percent of respondents ranked Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as the “biggest security management challenge facing businesses,” followed by “lack of time” at fifteen percent. BYOD is a growing priority for many organizations, but the biggest challenges to implementing a mobile device management (MDM) solution were complexity of that deployment and the hassle of adding another management tool.
ESET Remote Administrator and ESET Endpoint Security for Android deliver essential mobile security and device management, without adding complexity or another management tool. By making daily security management tasks easy to automate, ESET Remote Administrator gives back valuable time to IT administrators, empowering them to focus on making their business more competitive.
The new user interface for ESET business security products simplifies the tasks of monitoring, configuring and controlling network activity to ensure the organization is forewarned and protected against unwanted and malicious actions.
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