Get ahead of tomorrow’s threats with a prevention-first approach

A prevention-first approach mitigates the risks posed by advanced threats, and minimizes the time security teams have to spend on incident response and remediation. Proactive measures reduce the impact of data breaches, ensuring business continuity.





Prevent breaches by minimizing the attack surface while effectively reducing the complexity of your cyber defense.

Minimize the attack surface

The best strategy for countering the ever-evolving attacks starts with shrinking the attack surface. It requires robust protection across email, endpoints, cloud applications, mobile devices and entire networks.


  • Stacks up multiple layers of proactive protection, so that IT teams can mitigate the risks, and resist the attacks.
  • Effectively protects against phishing, insider threats, malware, compromised credentials and vulnerabilities.
  • Delivers powerful AI-native prevention, detection and response, enriched with world-class threat intelligence.

Reduce complexity

Managing multiple solutions requiring separate sign-ins, especially as the threat landscape constantly evolves, becomes more complex. This can lead to gaps in visibility and alert fatigue, resulting in loss of control.


  • Delivers comprehensive range of capabilities unified into a single pane of glass.

  • Consolidates your cyber defense in a cost-efficient way.

  • Frees up your in-house IT teams when combined with ESET Managed Detection and Response Services (MDR).

Boost your cyber hygiene

Keeping up with all the best practices, such as regular updates, patch management, encryption and applying security policies can be overwhelming. IT professionals should rely on automated solutions that simplify the routines for them.


  • Centralizes and automates multiple IT security and management tasks, including vulnerability and patch management.
  • Provides full visibility of all endpoints, subscriptions, and vulnerability & patching statuses across your asset inventory; always up to date.
  • Solves poor password hygiene and prevents unauthorized access with easy-to-use multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • Increases your organization’s data security with a powerful full-disk encryption.

Stay ahead of compliance

With the right, prevention-first approach, you get ahead of the requirements as they are typically built on the latest trends and proven proactive measures.


  • Identifies and neutralizes ransomware and zero-day threats utilizing AI and cloud sandbox analysis.
  • Protects your whole business environment, including advanced protection for Microsoft and Google Workspace apps

  • ESET XDR and MDR solutions plus key capabilities, such as MFA, encryption keep you compliant with industry regulations, and effectively lower cyber insurance premium.

  • ESET Cybersecurity Awareness Training secures the required education for your entire workforce.

Award-winning, cloud-first XDR cybersecurity platform that combines next-gen prevention, detection and proactive threat hunting capabilities.

 Utilizing AI for over 25 years

ESET LiveSense®

AI is integrated into our core multilayered technology called ESET LiveSense, augmenting a wide array of our other in-house developed, defensive layers and expert oversight.

ESET LiveGuard

ESET LiveGuard boosts your defenses against zero-days threats and ransomware. It gives you access to our private cloud sandbox and combines multiple stages of analysis including multilayered AI-powered detection system.

ESET Inspect

AI is built into our XDR module, powering its automated creation of incidents. This technology assists defenders by correlating a large number of indicators and automatically groups related behavior detections into a visual representation.

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