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Which license type should I use?

Why we are introducing a new licensing system

We have created a new licensing system to give users flexible control over, and excellent visibility of, their license status and usage.

Industry-standard License Key

We are replacing Username & Password with industry-standard License Keys. All Business Solutions and Business Packs now utilize just one License Key for all included products.

License grouping

It is possible to group multiple licenses under one account, with user-defined e-mail address and own password, making work with licenses even more convenient.

Transparent license update

The new licensing utilizes “transparent license update” for trouble-free operation with the license. In addition, changes are automatically transferred, even after license upgrade, renewal or any other change.

New ESET License Administrator

The new ESET License Administrator brings enhanced visibility to license status & real-time usage.

Why use ESET License Administrator

For customers seeking more granular control, reporting and overview of their ESET licenses, we offer the new cloud-based ESET License Administrator.

Ensures compatibility with new products

For existing customers it provides a convenient way to change their Username & Password to the new format in order to ensure compatibility with newly released products.

License distribution and merging

It allows users to authorize a third party to distribute the license, and merge multiple licenses from multiple customers under one account.

Real-time status and usage

The new ESET License Administrator brings enhanced visibility to license status & real-time usage.

Offline license files

It allows users to self-generate the license files for legacy products and “offline license files” if products are used in an environment without Internet connectivity.

Deactivating and recouping

It provides the option to deactivate selected units, in case of theft or loss, and to recoup these licenses back to the license pool.

Licensing for ESET business products

See how licensing works with our newest generation of business products and the new ESET Remote Administrator 6. Make use of ESET Unilicense to cover various operating systems.


Find out which ESET products are compatible with your version of ESET Remote Administrator or ESET Security Management Center.

ESET Remote Administrator 5.3

ESET Remote Administrator 6.4

ESET Remote Administrator 6.5

ESET Security Management Center


License Key

A unique string in the format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX is used for identification of the license owner and activation of the license.

Public ID

A short string used to identify the license to a 3rd party (for example, the Security Admin responsible for the Unit/Seat distribution).

License Owner

receives an email with the following license information: license key, public license ID, username/password. The license owner is able to authorize the seat distribution for the security admin (who identifies himself based on email address and password).

ESET License Administrator

A web-based solution to manage licenses, either as a License Owner, or as a Security Admin. You can monitor your licenses and activated units and observe license events such as expiration, usage and authorization.

ESET License Administrator Password

This is a password generated for each license that is necessary for user authentication upon login to ESET License Administrator. If you have your License Key, you will be prompted to enter a password to access the information about your selected license and perform actions via the ESET License Administrator interface. For new customers, an ESET License Administrator password will be automatically generated upon order / activation of their license, and sent to the contact e-mail address in a separate e-mail to ensure security.

License Username and Password

These are credentials used to activate previous generations of ESET security products. Using ESET License Administrator, you can convert License Key to Username and Password to use with older products, and conversely convert Username and Password to a License Key to be used with new generations of ESET security products:

  • Convert Username/Password to License Key
  • Convert License Key to Username/Password.

Security Admin

manages the licenses and can be different from the actual License Owner. The License Owner can delegate a license to the Security Admin (authorize him/her) and upon acceptance, the Security Admin can manage it. The Security Admin can use the license to activate ESET products (associate seats).

Product *. lic file

This is an automatically generated digitally signed file used to activate an ESET product to provide the following license information:

  • License files - If a license allows you to download a license file (.lic) and a Username and Password, those credentials can be used to activate older products.
  • Offline license files - If a license allows you to download an offline license file (.lf) - that file can be used to perform offline activation. The number of offline licenses will be subtracted from the total number of available licenses.


How is ESET Unilicence applied?

Unilicense image

Unilicense covers most popular computer, smartphone and tablet and File Server operating systems, allowing to mix and match endpoint protection among the below mentioned devices. You can switch to a different platform without having to purchase additional licenses.

Unilicense coverage of Operating systems:

Computer: Windows, Mac, Linux
Smartphone and Tablet: Android
File Server: Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris

Step 1 icon

Mix and Match the Licenses As Needed

The main benefit of ESET Unilicense is flexibility. ESET Unilicense covers all the bases allowing you to mix and match endpoint protection according to your actual needs – without wasting a single license.

Less than or equal to 25 seats: Applies to these endpoints: Desktop computers, laptops, netbooks, terminals, virtual machines, smartphones and tablets.

More than 25 seats: Applies to all of the above + file servers.

Step 2 icon

Switch to a Different Platform Anytime

With ESET Unilicense you are completely free to switch the protection from one platform to another. You can do so anytime during the license term, without having to purchase additional licenses.

Suppose the computer is running a Windows OS and you decide to switch to Linux. With a valid ESET license, you can download and install e.g. ESET solution for Linux Desktop on the same machine, using the same license credentials supplied with the original purchase.

Step 3 icon

Transfer a License to Another Computer

In addition, you can transfer a valid ESET license to a completely new computer, provided you cease using the old one. The transfer includes switching from one OS to another as well.

Suppose you decide to stop using an ESET-protected computer with a Windows operating system, and get a new Mac. To protect the new Mac with ESET, just transfer the license from the Windows machine you stopped using - and simply install an ESET solution for Mac.