ESET’s MSP Program Gains Popularity - Here's Why

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ESET’s founders were among the first in the world to develop antivirus software, in 1987. More than 30 years on, ESET offers much more than antivirus and now delivers solutions to meet the wider digital security needs of our customers. But while customers and technology evolve, our focus remains constant: we do digital security – and nothing else.

We have always produced stable, effective products and have been ranked consistently by independent testers as one of the best-performing digital security solutions providers.

ESET’s MSP (Managed Service Provider) program allows other businesses to enjoy the advantages of offering our outstanding products developed over the years, and thus experience a rapidly growing customer base.

We sat down with Jacquie Hough, ESET’s MSP Specialist, to hear more about what the program involves, why it’s a great choice and what the future looks like for the program. Jacquie has close to 20 years’ commercial IT experience, ranging from cloud technology through to business continuity and traditional disaster recovery. Her core focus is on business development, finance, outsourcing, government and public sectors. 

Jacquie explains that the MSP (Managed Service Provider) Program is a division of the Partner Reseller arm at ESET SA. It targets partners who specifically offer SLA-based services to their end users where IT management resources are missing within a company. The Managed Service Provider then outsources these services from ESET. It is a highly flexible, profitable, volume-based service, offering ESET’s full portfolio of security products across all platforms that can all be easily managed from a single central console. All-in-all, it provides quality tools to customers with ESET’s trusted digital security, and lets them grow their revenue simply and easily.

Businesses who join the program will receive a flexible, self-managed licence provisioning and management service to create, enable and disable customers, manage quantities, settings and configurations over multiple sites and endpoints.

As the MSP, you are placed in full control of your customer, and their ecosystem. 

Partners are given access to unique offerings, such as bundled offerings allowing for single-licence solutions with differing solution feature-sets which can be turned off / on as required by the end user. This means a fully customizable solution of your choice, with the option to add products from a series of standalone products – crafted to your business needs.

Not only this, but ESET’s MSP model is based on real usage, which means that you only pay for what you order during the month. Each day, the system counts the number of seats you have used. At the end of the month, the sum of all days is calculated. Thus, you pay only for the licences that your customers actually utilise, with no upfront investment. Our tier-based volume pricing allows you to boost your profits based on the number of clients you cover. The more licences you sell, the better the unit price you get.

The process of joining the program is very simple, starting with an introductory meeting followed by a signing of the agreement and, lastly, a training process. Once the prospect has done their training (preferably within 60 days) and has access to the ESET MSP Administrator (EMA), then they are free to sell our services, and are a certified MSP. “​​My ideal MSP partner is a partner who understands the ESET products firstly, and secondly has the trust of their end user to manage their security requirements with a high regard for service management and the flexibility brought about from the freedom and ease-of-use of the tools we provide them”, says Jacquie. She goes on to say that “when you become our MSP partner, the entire ESET ecosystem is designed to work for you. Our MSP-optimised solutions are easy to use, minimise your daily operations, and let you provide top-rated security to help build your customers’ trust.”

With the ever-evolving threat landscape, a single layer of protection is simply not enough, and with ESET having been at the forefront of cybersecurity for over 30 years, this was realised very early on.

The result? A sophisticated combination of technologies that complement each other for the best level of protection, and our MSP program allows others to be part of it. View the MSP program here.