ESET adds Vulnerability and Patch Management capability to ease the pressure on overloaded IT teams

As any IT admin would tell you, patching vulnerabilities is one of the most time-consuming tasks they must contend with. Plus, it is getting more difficult. The increasing appetite for workers to work remotely and the growing adoption of cloud services have led to the attack surface being more diversified and difficult to monitor than ever before.

Unfortunately, when resources are stretched, patching tends to get postponed. However, it is imperative that teams do not cut corners. The timely patching of applications and operating systems remains critical to help prevent potentially crippling security breaches.

Updates activated without delay

Overloaded IT teams struggling with the management of patches across their network can benefit from the fully automated ESET Vulnerability and Patch Management functionality now available in the ESET PROTECT Complete and ESET PROTECT Elite tiers. With it, business-critical software updates can be activated without delay. This timely patching is fundamental to increasing an organization’s overall security posture.

ESET Vulnerability and Patch Management enables businesses to benefit from advanced prioritization and automation techniques. It can be used to set optimal scan frequencies and synchronize them with patching setups to address relevant and exploitable vulnerabilities without overloading IT teams. Plus, vulnerabilities can be filtered based on their severity so that those vulnerabilities that pose the most significant business risks can be prioritized.

Close infrastructure blind spots

Growing IT complexity has led to degraded coordination between cross-functional teams, gaps in inventory, and a blurred view of the threat landscape. Luckily, help is at hand. With ESET Vulnerability and Patch Management, IT teams can centralize and automate multiple IT security and management tasks. This means they can maintain an up-to-date inventory and close any infrastructure blind spots that might have existed previously, allowing businesses to better safeguard themselves against the constantly evolving threat landscape and simplify their compliance with the likes of GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.

A superstar new recruit

ESET Vulnerability and Patch Management is like a superstar new recruit to your team. It scans thousands of popular applications, such as Adobe Acrobat, Mozilla Firefox, and Zoom Client, for over 35,000 common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs). Vulnerabilities can then be filtered and prioritized based on exposure scorand severity.


As the threat landscape evolves, we evolve too. The ESET Vulnerability and Patch Management inventory is constantly updated with the patch name, version of the app, CVE, patch severity, and affected applications. With it, patches can be launched automatically without delay or manually once identified, depending on what the business prefers. Organizations can simplify the patching process further by prioritizing critical assets and scheduling the remainder to off-peak times to avoid disruption.

A unified cybersecurity platform

ESET’s unified cybersecurity platform, ESET PROTECT, is a single-pane-of-glass cloud console that provides centralized visibility, management, and insight. It is a simple, modular, adaptable, and continuously updated solution built with the benefit of our customers in mind. ESET PROTECT Platform integrates balanced breach prevention, detection, and response capabilities with our industry-leading managed and professional services and threat intelligence. With the launch of ESET PROTECT Elite, there are now five subscription tiers in the ESET PROTECT Platform:

  • ESET PROTECT Entry – an entry-level solution with competitive pricing that includes endpoint protection, server security, and the ESET PROTECT Cloud console.
  • ESET PROTECT Advanced – providing first-class endpoint protection with advanced threat defense technology and full disk encryption.
  • ESET PROTECT Complete – including the new ESET Vulnerability and Patch Management capability, cloud application protection, and mail security to reduce cyber risks to the minimum.
  • New ESET PROTECT Elite – providing increased visibility and decreased cyber risks, ESET Vulnerability and Patch Management, ESET’s native extended detection and response (XDR) capability, plus robust multifactor authentication.

For more information on the ESET PROTECT Platform, please click here.

Mitigate your exposure

With IT teams struggling with the myriad of tasks made ever more difficult in this era of hybrid working, ESET helps decrease the complexity of cybersecurity. This allows time-sapped teams to focus on other business-critical areas of interest. With ESET PROTECT, we help IT teams mitigate their business’s exposure to new and emerging threats, whilst benefitting from full prevention, detection, and response functionality.

The brand-new ESET Vulnerability and Patch Management functionality within ESET PROTECT can better safeguard businesses that struggle to keep up with a constantly evolving threat landscape by ensuring they are correctly patched to help keep out the bad guys. Not only does this help minimize their exposure to attacks, but it also ensures that they can adhere to increasingly stringent cybersecurity insurance or regulatory requirements. To learn more about ESET Vulnerability and Patch Management, please click here.