ESET Enhances Its Enterprise Security Solutions with ESET Remote Administrator and ESET Virtualization Security Upgrades

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ESET®, a global pioneer in IT security, today introduces two major compatibility updates for its endpoint security solutions. Focusing on expanding protection for enterprise customers, ESET Remote Administrator is now compatible with IBM QRadar, a security information and event management tool for collecting and analyzing security log data; and has multi-tenancy capability to enable multiple independent users to deploy specific access and priviliges across the network independently. ESET Virtualization Security now includes native support for VMware NSX, further growing ESET’s solutions for the popular VMware platform. Deploying ESET Remote Administrator as a virtual appliance provides enterprises the flexibility and protection of running everything in a virtual environment together.

While cyberattacks continue to escalate in frequency, severity and impact, most organizations tend to stagnate with infrastructure improvements. According to Gartner, by 2020, it is expected that 60 percent of digital businesses will suffer major service failures due to the inability of IT security teams to manage digital risk, and that 60 percent of enterprise information security budgets will be allocated for rapid detection and response approaches, up from less than 30 percent in 2016. Organizations that are able to successfully establish an ecosystem that balances protecting and growing the business will remain competitive and in a position to address cybersecurity threats.file:///C:/Users/veronika.kubovicova/Documents/ALL_PR/_2017/05_era-virt/GPR_2017_03_14_ERA_Virt_6.5_Fin.docx#_ftn1

"Enterprises are now more than ever the target of cybercriminal groups, with attacks more coordinated and disrupting critical organizational assets such as customer databases, intellectual property and physical assets driven by information systems. As this situation intensifies, we have seen increased interest in our enterprise solutions,” said Michael Jankech, Senior Product Manager, Business Security at ESET. "Since its launch in 2015, we strive to provide the most scalable security solutions for enterprise clients on market, extending ESET Remote Administrator solution's compatibility to QRadar and adding multi-tenancy capability. For enterprise clients running their virtual environments on VMware, we have added native support for VMware NSX  to our ESET Virtualization Security to prevent spreading of malware out of the micro-segments, and executes scanning without draining your system’s resources.”

What’s new?

ESET Remote Administrator

ESET Remote Administrator is designed to empower IT staff to oversee the entire network, including workstations, servers and smartphones – from a single point. With the integration of IBM QRadar, companies will benefit from the flexibility of ESET Remote Administrator while taking advantage of IBM’s core competency in infrastructure deployment. Major improvements include:

  • IBM QRadar Integration: All major ESET events are exported in LEEF format, which is natively recognized by IBM QRadar. ESET Remote Administrator is shown as a “Log Source” for these events in the IBM QRadar console.
  • Multi-tenancy: Ideal for large enterprises with one centralized server and different admins managing only endpoints in their respective locations, or for MSPs managing multiple customers from a single server but who need to ensure that customers are not able to see the data of other users.
  • iOS Mobile Device Management: Integrated directly into ESET Remote Administrator, now supports Apple Device Enrollment Program and offers extended functionalities of app white/black listing, web filtering, device security settings and notifications, anti-theft and others.

ESET Virtualization Security

ESET Virtualization Security is a VMware, vShield-based solution that allows offloading of AV scanning to a central machine. Paired with ESET Remote Administrator 6, it allows for simple management, automation and control over all protected computers / devices on the network, including physical desktops, servers and virtual machines.

  • Native support for VMware NSX automation: ESET Virtualization Security natively supports micro-segmentation and automatic task execution that automatically moves infected machines to a different micro-segment, to prevent the spread of malware, and executes scanning. Automatic deployment of ESET Virtualization Security appliances to hosts newly connected to NSX Manager allows instant protection of newly added virtual hosts, and virtualized workloads.
  • Easy to deploy: As soon as ESET Remote Administrator is installed, ESET Virtualization Security appliances can be deployed on multiple hosts at once.
  • Superior performance: VM infrastructure is about optimizing resources and performance, and ESET’s scanning engine exactly meets these requirements. It is well-known for its low system demands and high speed, leaving more resources for other applications and processes.

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