Back to School Season — Top Tips to Stay Safe

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11 July 2017

Back to School season can be stressful for parents, children, teenagers, students and even teachers.

To minimise the stress and help prepare for the year both online and offline, ESET has compiled the following top tips to stay safe at any level of education. 

Top tips to stay safe:

Primary School Students:

  • Educate children about the dangers of talking to strangers online.
  • Encourage healthy technology habits by setting offline time.
  • Set up passwords on your own devices to avoid accidental purchases and restrict access to your personal content.
  • Invest in reliable parental control software that can be adjusted for safe internet usage at any age.

High School Students:

  • Do a spring clean. Identify which apps should be kept or removed to avoid any update loopholes and security risks.
  • Double check your password security and introduce password managers.
  • Go through your children’s social media accounts together with them, to ensure privacy settings are updated and they’re behaving safely online.
  • Parental control can also be a good way to protect the whole family against malware without heavily impacting the online activity of teenagers.

University Students:

  • Stick with Official Wi-Fi hotspots if moving around campus and favour connections that are encrypted WPA2.
  • Only download apps from official sources to avoid any security risks like malware from spreading to your phone or laptop.
  • Keep good cyber security hygiene by having strong passwords or passphrases.
  • Keep your mobile and laptop security updated. Failing to do so may open doors to malware or ransomware. Ideally, use security software that does this automatically.

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