COVID-19 / Important information from ESET

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At ESET, our customers’ security is our top priority.  As the reach of the Covid-19 virus continues to grow, we want to ensure that all our customers know there will be no interruption or impact to the level of protection ESET's products and services provide to you.  All ESET staff who are dedicated to mitigating threats against our customers are fully engaged and we have well-tested contingency plans in place to ensure your ongoing protection.  In these uncertain times the security ESET provides is one thing you can be certain of. 

In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to lower the risk of our employees contracting it, we have made arrangements for all staff who work in our US and Canada offices to begin working remotely, which means that the services and support that we provide to you are fully available.

If you’re like many businesses, you have begun to plan for your staff to work remotely, and you’re doing it while under some significant pressures, both personally and professionally.  With that in mind we want to direct you to a few resources that might make this transition easier.  First, for those customers managing ESET products using the ESET Security Management Center we’ve prepared some suggestions that will provide guidance on how to use your ESET products to help manage a remote workforce.  Once your staff does make the transition to a remote workforce, productivity in this new environment is a chief concern.  To help you think through the many variables this scenario creates we’d like to direct you to an article that looks in-depth at things such as physical security of company devices, accessing the company network and systems, support and crisis management amongst other valuable topics.

ESET continues to look to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention for updated direction on the best ways to respond to the virus, and with their guidance in mind have restricted all business travel and in-person customer visits until further notice.  These measures are designed to help protect both our employees and the customers they serve.  Our Customer Care and Sales teams continue to be available through phone and digital channels, and you can find more information in our Customer Care page.

We are working with all ESET offices around the globe to enact business continuity measures, establish communication protocols and share what’s happening in other parts of the world, so that we may learn and prepare for what we might face here in our region.  We will continue to place a high emphasis on the health and well-being of our staff, while also ensuring little to no impact to our day-to-day operations.

A final reminder to be especially diligent in watching for attempts to use this crisis to breach your security.  Cybercriminals are known to ramp up their efforts in times of anxiety and uncertainty.  Be especially alert for Phishing attempts, as in this climate, Social Engineering will be heavily used to prey upon people’s anxiety as we have noted already.

We are your partners in this, both as a business, but also as people behind the business. We are here to protect you from the digital threats so you can fulfill the potential of your business and do more, and we are going to be working as hard as always to ensure that continues during this situation. Stay safe and be well.

The ESET Team