Enterprises and cybersecurity – in the event of an attack, will your organization flail or fight?

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Enterprise security is a complex beast. Large corporations clearly have the resources to invest in comprehensive cybersecurity, yet data breaches and ransomware attacks fill the headlines. So where are businesses falling short?

While businesses of all sizes are susceptible to cybersecurity risks, such as ransomware, phishing, and data breaches, enterprises are particularly attractive to malicious actors due to their vast number of employees and deep pockets. More so than small or midsize businesses, corporations possess huge amounts of valuable data about their customers, employees and operations. The consequences of this data falling into the wrong hands can be disastrous, both financially and reputationally, with IBM reporting that data breaches in 2020 cost companies an average of USD 3.86 million each.

Over this past year, businesses have faced greater and more complex cybersecurity challenges as swathes of the global workforce have moved to remote working and cybercriminals have exploited the COVID-19 pandemic. A recent ESET survey of senior business leaders across the world revealed that 45% of the businesses surveyed had experienced a breach in the past.

The combination of human error as one of the root causes of successful cybersecurity attacks and a large number of employees dispersed across the globe is a prime scenario for cybercriminals to exploit. Mistakes made by employees can take a variety of forms – whether getting duped by phishing or other social engineering attacks, or misconfiguring systems, both of which are worsened by remote working and a disconnect between the IT department and the wider company. The likelihood of error is increased by the difficulty of delivering effective virtual cybersecurity training, potentially to thousands of employees.

Most corporations employ fairly robust cybersecurity solutions, yet cybersecurity risks have been identified as a prime threat to businesses by the World Economic Forum. As the sophistication of cyberattacks increases at a rapid rate, enterprise cybersecurity solutions need to meet that pace. Even more importantly, these solutions must be tested rigorously and frequently to keep up with an ever-evolving threat landscape and remain both dynamic and flexible enough to cover a wide range of threats.

Advanced persistent threat (APT) groups are particularly well-equipped and are responsible for some of the most infamous campaigns targeting global organizations. From Turla’s Crutch backdoor to InvisiMole’s espionage tools, these threats are becoming more prolific and more sophisticated. With every headline story – whether describing a successful attack or new threat research – enterprises should be reminded of just how important it is to protect themselves against APT groups and other complex cyberthreats.

In fact, ESET Research discovered APT groups, such as LuckyMouse, Tick, Winnti Group, and Calypso, among others, using the recent Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities to compromise email servers all around the world. Several prominent organizations, including the European Banking Authority, were affected by these attacks. Clearly, robust and reliable cybersecurity protection capable of warding off advanced threats is mission critical.

ESET’s enterprise security portfolio includes a unique combination of cutting-edge solutions, including strong EDR capabilities provided by ESET Enterprise Inspector, which could be perfect for your company. ESET Enterprise Inspector is the foundation of ESET’s anti-APT portfolio and just one tool in a wide portfolio of endpoint protection products. Leading market research firm Radicati focused on the computer and telecommunications industry - highlighted ESET as a Top Player in their APT Protection Market Quadrant report. This recognition is especially due to ESET Enterprise Inspector, which boasts features such as monitoring of suspicious script executions, manipulation of files, and process injections, as well as remediation capabilities like network isolation. ESET Enterprise Inspector helps organizations discover attacks perpetrated by even the most sophisticated cybercriminals.

Continually recognized as a Top Product by independent testing bodies AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives, and another staple in the ESET enterprise product portfolio, ESET Endpoint Security is also praised often for its lightweight impact on performance and robust detection of various types of malware, including web and email threats. With phishing being a key concern to enterprises, it is essential that threats are sifted rigorously from inboxes to browsers to prevent any accidental breaches.

Third-party testing validates that ESET solutions work in real-world scenarios. With the events of the past year moving more of the world online than ever before, and cyberthreats constantly evolving, this affirmation has never been more important. Enterprises can be confident that no matter the complexity level of cyberthreats, they are in safe hands with ESET.