How to secure your device in one step

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Oftentimes, we talk about the need to be good role models to our children, limiting their technology use and time spent in front of a screen. But what about us? We may want to protect our children, but just try unplugging yourself.

It’s been a few years now since we started talking about the always-on culture and how damaging it can be. But it is not only at work where we are constantly plugged in. Just consider your device use day-to-day. Research from 2018 shows that the average person in the UK spends an entire day a week on their devices. And even worse, the figures seem to be growing. More recent research uncovered that the average person spends up to six hours and 57 minutes looking at a screen each day. Add that up, and you’ve got a whopping two whole days.

Changes in behaviour at a societal level are tough to make. And maybe we won’t be turning away from our screens anytime soon, but that makes it all the more important to consider securing these large blocks of time in our lives. We make sure our houses, cars, and other possessions and properties are well protected with locks, CCTVs and guard dogs 24/7. How about those two days online? How are we protecting our online world?

Every device is a window for cybercriminals to enter and wreak havoc. Think about it, we use our devices to conduct business, make bank transactions, research places to eat, check public transport details, call a taxi service, talk to our relatives, shop online and much more. What was previously possible to do outside of our homes we now do from the comfort of our couches.

So how exactly can you best protect all those activities? Well, the first step is to have a trusted digital security solution. ESET has come out with a new and improved version of its consumer offering. This includes all levels: essential security (ESET NOD32 Antivirus), advanced security (ESET Internet Security) and premium security (ESET Smart Security Premium). All of these were improved to ensure a smooth digital experience for all users, with 24/7 protection.

Consumer products from ESET offer the ultimate multilayer antimalware protection, including proactive security against never-before-seen threats. The integral part is ESET´s award-winning antivirus and antispyware as well as Advances Machine Learning that improves malware detection. ESET is also happy that it has now enabling Intel® Threat Detection Technology (Intel® TDT) found on Intel® Core™ processors to further boost our ransomware protection. The new layer of security will boost ransomware protection by integrating Intel’s hardware-based ransomware detection technology.

This demonstrates that ESET is always focused on producing solutions that are best performing while keeping the operating system and device load low.

With the ESET HOME web portal and mobile app, ESET is making sure you are always aware of your security environment and are always protected. The ecosystem features all devices added to the account and sends updates about its security status, providing a tool to keep track of all your devices in one place. ESET HOME is also protected by its own 2FA (two-factor authentication) and password authentication.

As mentioned before, being protected is very important when it comes to our finances. ESET’s Banking & Payment Protection is an additional layer of protection for your financial data during online transactions. The integrated “Secure all browsers” mode ensures to open all supported browsers automatically in a secure mode. This alone provides protection for the browser process itself against any malicious changes or intervention.

To further protect your financial activities, Anti-Phishing technology is integrated into all levels of ESET security. This protects your privacy and assets against attempts by fake websites to acquire sensitive information, such as your username, password or banking details.

Among the features is Brute-Force Attack Protection, which blocks password-guessing attacks for the remote-desktop protocol. A brute-force attack is a method of discovering a targeted password by systematically trying all combinations of letters, numbers and symbols. Other technologies include ESET LiveGrid®, ESET LiveGuard, UEFI Scanner and Ransomware Shield.

All of the integrated features and technologies are here and improved for your privacy protection and security. Having a good and trustworthy digital security solution will give you peace of mind and help to keep your digital world safe and secure 24/7. Just as protecting your home is second nature, protecting your digital world should be too. ESET is here to protect your devices.