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Is Cobol really secure?

All programming languages are secure until you add a human that writes code.


Is mainframe that is used in most banks secure?

All computers are more secure up until the point you connect them to something else, there are several reasons why they are more secure.

a) The get less attention from attackers as they are perceived as old technology.

b) They run on a different architecture/technology that is difficult to gain access to if you want to test the effects of your hack/attack.

c) A mainframe in today’s environment is most likely connected to a multitude of other platforms so the data can be easily accessed, transferred, imported, etc. It’s at this point that weakness appears and these other platforms are simpler to attack, so the data from there rather than the mainframe.

Are you buying IoT stuff from Aliexpress?


What do You think about Sophos company?

Sophos are a reputable security company and have a wide variety of solutions. It’s important that the cyber security industry presents choice to customers as a monoculture environment would be inherently less secure.

How Smart your house is? Do you feel safe? :)

Not smart, no IoT or digital assistant live in my house.

How IoT depends on 5G technology and infrastructure?

IoT does not depend on 5G, it’s rather that 5G enables the next wave of IoT

Biggest cyber-attack on smart building?

Not sure I know the answer to this question, there are excellent examples though of ethical hacking Building Automation Systems.

If my china iot devices have client isolation enabled on AP with separate ssid only for them that is on separate vlan. Can i feel safer or should i don't use them anymore.

This is a personal choice, a few things to consider. Do you know what data the device collects, where it stores the data, is it encrypted, does access to the data have 2FA enabled. It’s not only about segmenting or isolating the device. Take for example a set of window blinds that can be closed by an app on a phone, segmenting the blinds to another network does not stop the app on the phone having vulnerabilities.

Do you have a sticker on your laptop and (or) smartphone camera?


Are skyscrappers with mass dampening systems safe from cyber attacks?

Good question, I don’t know the answer.

Why couldn't a smart house have it's own local infrastructure without the need of any external connections?

The issue is that many smart home technologies use cloud infrastructure for ease of use, an app on your phone to open a window blind or to switch on a light. At this point you need an outside connection.

Are smart-things with automatic firmware update considered more secure?

It is good practice to update, as security vulnerabilities are often fixed this way. And auto-updates remove the need for intervention by people, who are often the delay in updating.

LT citizens & our neighbors are looking so negative about 5Gtech. The major that its very unsecure and goes with a huge pollution to humans. What is your opinion?

No answer to this one.

Would it be recommended or mandatory to ensure data encryption and authenticity for IoT devices in therms of GDPR?

GDPR covers personal data collected by companies, this would be covered by GDPR. But not all data is personal, or defined as personal.

What is the best browser for daily use?

The most secure one, I am not the expert on browser security.

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