2017 Security predictions from ESET

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9 March 2017

ESET released its annual security forecast report written by ESET security researchers from around the globe. This year’s report entitled, “Trends 2017: Security Held Ransom,” predicts and explores the latest cyber threats that will take shape in the coming year.According to ESET researchers, some of the key systems that may become increasingly targeted by cybercriminals include gaming consoles, internet connected devices (IoT), critical infrastructure, and mobile devices.   The report suggests that ransomware will continue to be prominent in 2017, and we may see an emergence of the “Ransomware of Things,” or RoT, (the hijacking of internet-connected devices). Also, increasing frequency of attacks on large infrastructure and internet services puts critical infrastructure security as a top concern.The ESET report also highlights the importance of continual internet security education as one of the essential components for staying safe online and offers readers simple steps for raising one’s level of awareness.With cybercrime up over 200 percent in the past five years alone, there is an immediate need to make sure the public not only understands the advanced tactics and techniques employed by criminal hackers, but also safeguards against threats in the coming year.The “Trends 2017: Security Held Ransom” report is divided into nine sections, each focusing on one important aspect of information security. Most of the sections deal with threats, either by type (Ransomware, Vulnerabilities, and Mobile) or by industry (Healthcare, Critical Infrastructure, and Gaming).Download the entireESET Trends 2017: Security Held Ransom report