How to improve your home internet security during the COVID-19 pandemic

ESET experts bring you a comprehensive set of educational materials, know-how and useful tools to help you overcome this challenging period.

RDP: Configuring security for a remote, but not distant future

Leveraging RDP to manage your network through a crisis? Use this detailed guide to help efficiently secure your computers from RDP attacks.

Know Your Enemy: Current threats for Enterprise

ESET’s Senior Malware Researcher Robert Lipovsky sheds light on the main risks specific to the enterprise segment including APTs, as well as current COVID-related threats to look out for.

Recent news and additional resources


How COVID-19 scams capitalize on rapid change

The outbreak is demonstrating how rapidly scammers can tap into current news and switch gears to leverage any significant change to their benefit.

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Remote Access Security checklist for every IT manager

When societal disruption occurs, enabling a work-from-home option is essential for business continuity. Use this step-by-step checklist to protect your workforce.


Remote workforce: Videoconferencing with security in mind

With COVID-19 concerns canceling face-to-face meetings, be aware of the security risks of videoconferencing and how to easily overcome them.

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Get inspired by our case studies

Healthy IT, healthy business

As a major force in the pharmaceutical sector, Kohlpharma demanded best-in-class information security.

When secure access is of business-critical importance

Learn how Stern-Wywiol Gruppe specializing in food supplements tackled the need to safely engage external workers.

  • Need for: Secure external access to the network, as remote desktop and VPN are widely used in the company
  • 1130 endpoints
  • Our solution: ESET Secure Authentication

Strengthen your security now, pay later

Multi-factor Authentication

Improve the security of the company network and data accessed from outside thanks to an additional authentication. Protect open-source VPNs and block unauthorized access to employee devices with our easy-to-implement MFA.

Dynamic Threat Defense

Add another vital security layer to your Endpoint Protection and Mail Security. Improve prevention from ransomware and targeted attacks with powerful cloud-based sandboxing to detect new, never before seen threats. No deployment resources necessary.

Special tailored solutions

Contact us for specific needs related to the current crisis. We support healthcare institutions, government organizations and other selected customers by offering extended trials, free additional licenses, free ETI feeds and other solutions.

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"ESET will continue to provide you with the best possible online security during the COVID-19 pandemic." 

Richard Marko, Chief Executive Officer, ESET

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