ESET’s AI Advisor Module to Enhance Threat Detection and Response

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Bratislava – May 29, 2024  ESET, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, is proud to introduce the ESET AI Advisor, an innovative generative AI-based assistant designed to transform incident investigation within the scope of ESET Inspect, the XDR-enabling module of the ESET PROTECT Platform. The ESET AI Advisor is now included in the ESET PROTECT MDR Ultimate subscription tier, providing organisations with an advanced tool to more easily respond to ever-evolving cyber threats.

 Building on over two decades of ESET’s expertise in AI-driven endpoint protection, the ESET AI Advisor is set to change cybersecurity operations. This AI chatbot assists IT administrators and security analysts by simplifying complex threat detections and enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

 One of its primary benefits is closing the cybersecurity skills gap. Security analysts of all skill levels profit from ESET’s AI Advisor, which enables them to work with interactive risk identification, analysis, and response capabilities provided in an easily understandable format. The user-friendly interface makes sophisticated threat data actionable even for less experienced IT and security professionals.

 The ESET AI Advisor also excels in facilitating faster decision-making for critical incidents. Security analysts can simply consult the AI chatbot to understand the specific threats their environment faces. Leveraging extensive XDR collected data, the AI Advisor identifies and analyses potential malware threats, providing intuitive insights into their behaviour and impact. It assists in recognising phishing attempts and detects abnormal activities on endpoints, such as unauthorised access or unusual file modifications, always recommending appropriate responses.

 Its ability to automate repetitive tasks is another advantage. By managing routine processes such as data collection, extraction, and basic threat detection, it allows security teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.

 “As cybersecurity threats become increasingly sophisticated, ESET remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that address these challenges. The AI Advisor module represents a significant leap forward in our mission to close the cybersecurity skills gap and empower organisations to safeguard their digital assets effectively”, said Juraj Malcho, Chief Technology Officer at ESET

 Organisations can expect seamless interactions that reduce wait times and enhance efficiency. By equipping security analysts with real-time, relevant and actionable insights, the ESET AI Advisor enables swift responses to critical situations, and minimises the impact of security breaches, which results in more effective incident management processes.

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