Increase your revenue with Renewals as a Service

Apply for this unique benefit of our partner program, which allows your customers to renew, enlarge and upgrade directly on ESET's website while compensating YOU fully for each transaction.

  • Saves you time and boosts your profits
  • Long-term partner program benefit
  • Focused on customers with up to 100 seats

How Renewals as a Service (RaaS) boosts your revenue

ESET nurtures customers

We take care of your clients' Customer Lifecycle Management using tracking links

Customers can renew easily

Your clients extend, upgrade and enlarge their licences on our website

Your profits grow

Higher renewal rates and average order values mean increased revenues and margins for you

Advantages for resellers

  • Ongoing renewal commissions from your original customers
  • Growth in revenue per existing customer
  • Possibility to increase average order value through our enlarge and upgrade offers
  • Benefit from the consistently improving renewal rates of our eStore
  • ESET handles existing customers' email communication, campaigns and in-product messages via our proven Customer Lifecycle Management, all year round
  • Allows you to focus more on user acquisition, by leaving retention to ESET

Advantages for customers

  • Smooth and comprehensive experience of using ESET eStore
  • Easy upgrade option for more robust protection
  • Licence renewal in just a few clicks
  • Several payment options to choose from
  • Choice of annual and monthly subscription billing for uninterrupted protection
  • Convenient automatic login feature
  • Secure shopping process
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