ESET Endpoint Security Ranked As Top Performer

ESET has been recognized as the most lightweight solution on market in special business test by AV-Comparatives

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ESET Undisputed No.1 in Spam Protection

ESET security solutions scored highest in key spam-filtering tests for both business and home users

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Using Word documents to steal passwords

A new multi-stage attack has been identified utilising Word documents and delivering a password stealing piece of malware.

55,000 Snapchat users exposed

Over 55,000 Snapchat users have had their login details posted online as the result of a phishing scam.

NSA exploit used to target Windows

EternalBlue is back in the form of EternalChampion, EternalRomance and EternalSynergy.

Great British Firewall blocks 54 million attacks

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) reports that its “great British firewall” is responsible for taking down 120,000 fake websites and blocking 54 million malicious attacks in 2017.

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Six tips to help you avoid targeted marketing

If you get sick of shopping sites sending you “I see you stared at this item, here’s some similar stuff” messages, you may be able to modify your subscriptions or notifications to make this stop.

Survey shows sloppy password habits among young Brits

Young people were singled out as increasingly likely victims of internet-borne fraud, including because of their penchant for liberal sharing of personal information.

Friendly warnings left in unsecured Amazon S3 buckets which expose private data

Ethical hackers are warning businesses who use Amazon S3 cloud storage if they have left data exposed for anyone to access... by leaving "friendly warnings" on the servers.

Apple defuses ‘text bomb’ bug

A number of text-based apps crashed, became unresponsive or entered an endless bootloop when attempting to show the otherwise little-used character from a language that is spoken by some 75 million...