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Lastest Blog Posts

Cloud-based collaboration and productivity tools are old hat; securing them is new school

When a company asks itself whether or not to go off premises with its IT infrastructure, security may not be a top consideration. However, with the massive shift to working from home, and the vast...

Know your enemy: MITRE Engenuity’s ATT&CK® Evaluations show the need for balanced approach to EDR use

Robust cybersecurity defence augments reliable prevention and protection technology with EDR. Winning with EDR is about knowing your network and maturing your security staff.

FinTech’s popularity signals that it’s time to get serious about apps

What are the key ESET FinTech research summaries? Here we focus on mobile apps and their increase, along with the complexities of the solutions they offer. ESET has put both its time and research...

How are businesses of different sizes using FinTech solutions?

In the past year, FinTech companies are broadening their offerings by designing solutions for smaller businesses too and in return, 42% are "aiming for better security of their finances" and actively...

Latest Press Releases

New APT group BackdoorDiplomacy attacks diplomats in Africa and the Middle East, ESET Research discovers

ESET Research has uncovered a new APT group BackdoorDiplomacy that primarily targets Ministries of Foreign Affairs in the Middle East and Africa, and less frequently, telecommunication companies.

ESET Research uncovers latest version of Gelsemium: Cyberespionage against government and other targets in Asia

Since mid-2020, ESET Research has been analysing multiple campaigns, later attributed to the Gelsemium cyberespionage group, and tracked down the earliest version of the malware going back to 2014.

ESET Threat Report T1 2021 highlights rapid abuse of trending vulnerabilities and configuration flaws by cybercrooks

ESET has released its T1 2021 Threat Report, summarising key statistics from ESET detection systems and highlighting notable examples of ESET’s cybersecurity research, including exclusive, previously...

ESET Research at RSA Conference 2021: Android stalkerware on the rise

Mobile stalkerware, software silently installed by stalkers onto victims’ mobile devices without their knowledge, is on the rise, ESET Research finds. ESET researchers manually analysed 86 stalkerware...

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