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Lastest Blog Posts

Microsoft Exchange exploits – step one in ransomware chain

Once attackers gain a foothold on web servers, there are all manner of nasty tricks and malware they can leverage immediately or put into play later – like ransomware.

E-commerce is booming, but are consumers safe?

With lockdowns across the world causing numerous stores to shut their doors for long periods of time, we have had little option but to go online for most of our shopping needs. But how protected are...

What does a cybersecurity-first approach really mean for businesses using new FinTech solutions?

As is the case with any new technology, the growing adoption of FinTech creates new risks for businesses that they may not have previously had to contend with.

A Microsoft Exchange saga: How is ESET technology protecting business customers post-exploitation?

The global scale of the recent Exchange server attacks deserves the designation 'saga'. The fallout, resulting in data theft and further malware deployment, has likely led to intensive changes in...

Latest Press Releases

Lazarus attacks freight company in South Africa with a new backdoor, ESET Research discovers

ESET researchers have discovered a previously undocumented backdoor used to attack a freight logistics company in South Africa, which they have dubbed Vyveva and attributed to the infamous Lazarus...

ESET Research uncovers Janeleiro, a new banking trojan attacking corporate users in Brazil

ESET Research has uncovered a new banking trojan that has been targeting corporate users in Brazil since at least 2019 across many sectors, including healthcare, retail, finance and governmental...

ESET recognised as a Top Player in Radicati APT Protection Market Quadrant 2021 for the second year in a row

ESET has again been recognised as a Top Player in Radicati's 2021 APT Protection Market Quadrant. The report evaluates 12 leading security vendors in the market, assessing their functionality and...

85% of UK businesses are confident their remote employees have the knowledge to mitigate cybersecurity risks

...yet almost two thirds of these businesses think that they are likely to be impacted by a cybersecurity incident. New ESET research explores the attitudes of senior managers toward FinTech and...

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