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Latest Press Releases

ESET Research discovers trojanized WhatsApp and Telegram applications stealing crypto funds and with new functionalities

ESET researchers have discovered dozens of copycat Telegram and WhatsApp websites targeting mainly Android and Windows users with trojanized versions of these instant messaging apps.

ESET Research: Tick cyberespionage group compromises data-loss prevention software developer in East Asia

ESET researchers uncovered an attack occurring in the network of an East Asian data-loss prevention company with a customer portfolio that includes government and military entities.

ESET Research: Espionage honey-trap targets officials in India and Pakistan

ESET Research has discovered a campaign by the Transparent Tribe APT group that mainly targets Indian and Pakistani citizens, possibly those with a military or political background.

ESET Research: China-aligned Mustang Panda’s latest backdoor targets Europe, Asia, and Australia

Mustang Panda is back with a new backdoor - MQsTTang. It´s a part of an ongoing campaign that we can trace back to early January 2023. Read more about those targeted, how we attributed this new...

Corporate Blog

What’s in store for MSPs: Trends for 2023

ESET experts once again, talked about the cybersecurity challenges awaiting MSPs in 2023. They highlighted the importance of employee awareness and the new awaiting threats.

A roadmap for MSP success in 2023

According to the 2022 ESET SMB Sentiment Survey, businesses prefer having an MSP take care of their security or at least part of it. Find out what this year has in store for MSP success.

A Floor, not a Ceiling: ESET welcomes the approval of NIS2

ESET welcomes the decision of EU legislators to adopt the second Network and Information Security Directive (NIS2) aimed at strengthening cyber resilience across the Union. The new legislation comes...

How to protect this year’s most wanted presents: a guide for parents

Whilst Santa won’t deliver presents for a few more weeks, Black Friday and the various associated sales have marked the start of the holiday shopping season for parents.


Highlights from TikTok CEO’s Congress grilling – Week in security with Tony Anscombe

Here are some of the key moments from the five hours of Shou Zi Chew's testimony and other interesting news on the data privacy front

The post Highlights from TikTok CEO’s Congress grilling – Week in...

What TikTok knows about you – and what you should know about TikTok

As TikTok CEO attempts to placate U.S. lawmakers, it’s time for us all to think about the wealth of personal information that TikTok and other social media giants collect about us

The post What TikTok...

Understanding Managed Detection and Response and what to look for in an MDR solution

Why your organization should consider an MDR solution and five key things to look for in a service offering

The post Understanding Managed Detection and Response and what to look for in an MDR...

Twitter ends free SMS 2FA: Here’s how you can protect your account now

Twitter’s ditching of free text-message authentication doesn’t mean that you should forgo using 2FA. Instead, switch to another – and, indeed, better – 2FA option.

The post Twitter ends free SMS 2FA:...