One security suite for all your devices


Multi-platform and device security for
Windows, Mac, Android and Linux


Multi-platform and device security for
Windows, Mac, Android and Linux

Secure all your devices with one licence

Build your own bespoke security and antivirus programme with a multi-device pack – choose any combination from the range of ESET products:

Better value for money

Save money with a multi-device licence. You can transfer protection to a new device at any time.

Secure all your devices

Whether you run Windows PC, Mac, Linux and/or Android devices – protect them all from cyber threats under a single licence.

Build your pack

Select the number of devices you want to protect and the products you need to create your bespoke security suite.

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Frequently asked questions:

How do I purchase and install ESET Multi-Device Security?

1. Choose the number of devices you want covered, then buy or download Multi-Device Security

2. You’ll receive an email containing your licence key

3. Choose and download the products you need

4.Install and activate them using your licence key

How will I know when my licence expires?

Your ESET Multi-Device Security licence is valid for the number of years you select when you purchase it. This is dated from when you install and activate the first ESET product on your first device – to make the most of your licence, we recommend you install and activate your other ESET products on the remainder of your devices on the same day. All your devices and ESET products within the Multi-Device Security pack will share the same expiry date.

You can check this information and the dates of your licence using the Licence Manager at

Which platforms are covered with ESET Multi-Device Security?

ESET Multi-Device Security is available for:

  • Windows OS
  • macOS
  • Android OS
  • Linux

Is ESET Multi-Device Security available for iOS?

Sorry, we don’t currently offer products for the iOS platform.

Can I activate ESET Multi-Device Security on a Windows desktop, a MacBook Pro and an Android phone at the same time?

Yes – simply choose the number of devices you want to cover and the products you need when putting your security suite together. Choose ESET Cyber Security or Cyber Security Pro for a MacBook, ESET Mobile Security for an Android phone, and our award-winning NOD32 Antivirus or ESET Internet Security for a Windows PC. All of these products can be chosen as part of a multi-device pack.

How many licences do I need to secure all my devices?

You can cover up to 5 devices at the same time with one Multi-Device Security licence – and you can transfer protection to another device at any point without needing a new licence. You can check your licence usage in the Licence Manager at

Make sure to select the right number of devices when you are purchasing your Multi-Device Security licence.  

What kind of protection will the Multi-Device Security Pack give me?

The level of security you get depends on which ESET products you select for your multi-device pack. For Windows PCs ESET Internet Security has a wide range of features, and for Macs ESET Cyber Security Pro offers all-in-one internet protection.

Is there a trial version for Multi-Device Security?

No – but we do offer free trials for every individual ESET product for 30 days. The trials can help you work out which products you want to include in a Multi-Device Security licence.

Download your ESET Multi-Device Security Pack

Customise online security according to your needs, and protect all your devices.