How to Protect Yourself

Before you get infected

  • Back up your pictures, videos and data
  • Install the latest security updates and patches
  • Try ESET Internet Security Free for 30 days

If you have suspicions

  • Immediately turn off the affected computer
  • Try System restore
  • Set the BIOS clock back
  • And in particular - Don't pay

How ESET protects against ransomware

Anti-Ransomware Shield

Uses multilayered malware prevention and detection to keep criminals from holding your data hostage.

Network Attack Protection

Prevents spread of ransomware by protecting against vulnerabilities for which a patch has not yet been released or deployed.

Cloud Malware Protection System

Analyses submitted malware and provides results to endpoints without requiring an update.

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EternalBlue Vulnerability Checker

Checks the operating system (Windows) to see if it's patched against the vulnerabilities exposed by the latest Petya and WannaCry outbreaks.

Protect yourself using ESET today

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