How vulnerable are iOS and OS X?

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Senior Research Fellow David Harley has analyzed the contention of the GFI report ‘Most vulnerable operating systems and applications in 2014’ based on data from National Vulnerability Database which says, that iOS and OSX operating systems are the most vulnerable ones.

According to the GFI report, the vulnerabilities for various Windows versions came only to 248, while those for OS X (147), iOS (127) and Linux kernel (119) were much higher. 

“After all, both Windows and Android are subject to much higher volumes of malware than either OS X or iOS, though opinion varies on how to measure the impact of those volumes. And in fact, 83% of the vulnerabilities listed are specific to applications – with a particular emphasis on browsers and other multi-platform utilities (Java, assorted Adobe programs) rather than the operating system, which may put the much-hyped war of the operating systems into perspective,” concludes David Harley.


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