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Latest Press Releases

ESET North America Announces Leadership Transition

ESET North America announces a leadership transition as President Brent McCarty steps down. Chief Sales Officer Miroslav Mikus steps in as Interim President to lead the next phase of growth.

ESET Research: Ebury botnet alive & growing; 400k Linux servers compromised for cryptocurrency theft and financial gain

ESET Research uncovers the continued threat of the Ebury botnet, revealing nearly 400,000 compromised Linux servers. Discover how this advanced malware campaign targets financial gains through…

ESET Research releases latest APT Activity Report, highlighting cyber warfare of Russia-, China-, and Iran-aligned groups

ESET Research unveils its latest APT Activity Report, highlighting significant cyber activities by Russia-, China-, and Iran-aligned groups from October 2023 to March 2024. Discover key trends in…

ESET Canada Announces Launch of Local Data Centre

Data centre focused on enhancing customer experience and security standards for Canadians

Corporate Blog

Armor your Achilles’ heel. Reduce your business' attack surface vectoring from employee mobile devices

Defend your business against the surge in mobile threats. Discover how ESET’s cutting-edge Mobile Threat Defense can fortify your defenses and protect your company from the rising tide of Android…

Employee smartphones, a pack of risks in a pocket. How to minimize your business’ attack surface

Discover how to protect your business from the hidden threats posed by employee smartphones. Learn effective strategies to minimize your company's attack surface and safeguard sensitive data.

Leveling the playing field for all with MDR

Discover how Managed Detection and Response (MDR) can elevate your business's security posture, tackling evolving threats with proactive measures. Learn how ESET PROTECT MDR provides comprehensive…

Future-proofing PC fleets with the powerful pairing of Intel® Threat Detection Technology and AI-Native endpoint protection

Explore how Intel® Threat Detection Technology, combined with AI-native endpoint protection, is future-proofing PC fleets. Security is now as crucial as performance in today's hybrid work landscape.

Latest Podcasts

Deepfakes: Navigating what’s real and what’s not

The episode kicks off with an overview of what deepfakes are and how the technology is being used positively in industries such as movie making, while others use it to trick the viewer into thinking…

Cybersecurity challenges according to a crypto exchange CISO

Crypto security is getting plenty of attention amid recent hacks. We geek out on the technology, security challenges, and the role of crypto in emerging markets.

Predictions on the cybersecurity sector from one of Wall Street's top tech analysts

The Cybersecurity sector will continue to see plenty more spending. That’s the prediction from Wall Street’s top tech analyst Dan Ives of Wedbush Securities.

Highlights from CES: A security researcher's perspective

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the world's largest technology events, bringing together manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology. We catch-up with Cameron Camp,…

We Live Security

News and research from ESET security researchers around the globe.

The who, where, and how of APT attacks – Week in security with Tony Anscombe

This week, ESET experts released several research publications that shine the spotlight on a number of notable campaigns and broader developments on the threat landscape

To the Moon and back(doors): Lunar landing in diplomatic missions

ESET researchers provide technical analysis of the Lunar toolset, likely used by the Turla APT group, that infiltrated a European ministry of foreign affairs

Ebury is alive but unseen: 400k Linux servers compromised for cryptocurrency theft and financial gain

One of the most advanced server-side malware campaigns is still growing, with hundreds of thousands of compromised servers, and it has diversified to include credit card and cryptocurrency theft

ESET APT Activity Report Q4 2023–Q1 2024

An overview of the activities of selected APT groups investigated and analyzed by ESET Research in Q4 2023 and Q1 2024

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