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Latest Press Releases

ESET is recognized as a Customers’ Choice for Midsize Enterprises in the 2024 Gartner® Peer Insights™ Voice of the Customer for Endpoint Protection Platforms Report

ESET named a Customers’ Choice for Midsize Enterprises in the 2024 Gartner Peer Insights Voice of the Customer for Endpoint Protection Platforms, based on outstanding user reviews and robust security…

ESET Threat Report: Infostealers using AI & banking malware creating deepfake videos to steal money

Discover how AI tools are being impersonated by infostealers and new mobile malware is creating deepfake videos to steal money in ESET's latest Threat Report.

ESET’s Hope McCluskey Once Again Named to CRN’s Women of the Channel Power 100 for 2024

ESET’s Hope McCluskey is honored in CRN’s 2024 Women of the Channel Power 100 for her outstanding leadership in partner marketing and innovation.

ESET North America Announces Winners of the Ninth Annual Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship

Celebrate the achievements of four exceptional women in STEM as ESET announces the winners of the Ninth Annual Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship. Discover how these inspiring individuals are shaping…

Corporate Blog

Security Alert: U.S. Government Bans Kaspersky Software Sales

The U.S. Government has banned the sale of Kaspersky security software, citing national security risks. Starting September 29th, Kaspersky will also be barred from providing updates to existing users.…

Prevention-first security begins with data-enhanced insight: Meet ESET Threat Intelligence

Discover how ESET Threat Intelligence empowers threat hunters and incident response teams with actionable data, forming the backbone of a proactive, prevention-first security strategy.

Untangling the hiring dilemma: How security solutions free up HR processes

Discover how HR and security teams can navigate the hiring challenges in the tech-savvy world of EDR and XDR operations. Learn how innovative solutions are transforming HR dilemmas into opportunities…

Armor your Achilles’ heel. Reduce your business' attack surface vectoring from employee mobile devices

Defend your business against the surge in mobile threats. Discover how ESET’s cutting-edge Mobile Threat Defense can fortify your defenses and protect your company from the rising tide of Android…

Latest Podcasts

Deepfakes: Navigating what’s real and what’s not

The episode kicks off with an overview of what deepfakes are and how the technology is being used positively in industries such as movie making, while others use it to trick the viewer into thinking…

Cybersecurity challenges according to a crypto exchange CISO

Crypto security is getting plenty of attention amid recent hacks. We geek out on the technology, security challenges, and the role of crypto in emerging markets.

Predictions on the cybersecurity sector from one of Wall Street's top tech analysts

The Cybersecurity sector will continue to see plenty more spending. That’s the prediction from Wall Street’s top tech analyst Dan Ives of Wedbush Securities.

Highlights from CES: A security researcher's perspective

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the world's largest technology events, bringing together manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology. We catch-up with Cameron Camp,…

We Live Security

News and research from ESET security researchers around the globe.

Should ransomware payments be banned? – Week in security with Tony Anscombe

The issue of whether to ban ransomware payments is a hotly debated topic in cybersecurity and policy circles. What are the implications of outlawing these payments, and would the ban be effective?

Understanding IoT security risks and how to mitigate them | Cybersecurity podcast

As security challenges loom large on the IoT landscape, how can we effectively counter the risks of integrating our physical and digital worlds?

5 common Ticketmaster scams: How fraudsters steal the show

Scammers gonna scam scam scam, so before hunting for your tickets to a Taylor Swift gig or other in-demand events, learn how to stop fraudsters from leaving a blank space in your bank account

Social media and teen mental health – Week in security with Tony Anscombe

Social media sites are designed to make their users come back for more. Do laws restricting children's exposure to addictive social media feeds have teeth or are they a political gimmick?

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