Discovered a security vulnerability?

Tell us about it

Security is a process, not a destination.
That's why you can report any security vulnerability affecting ESET products or resources. Just drop us a line at

We treat all reports with high priority and investigate all issues directly with the reporter as quickly as possible. Send your report via and include the following information:


  • Target – ESET server identified by IP address, hostname, URL, etc.; or the ESET product, including version number (see our KnowledgeBase article to determine the version number).
  • Type of issue – the type of vulnerability (e.g. according to OWASP, such as cross-site scripting, buffer overflow, SQL injection, etc.) and include a general description of the vulnerability.
  • Proof-of-concept and/or URL demonstrating the vulnerability – a demonstration of the vulnerability that shows how it works. Examples include:

  • URL containing payload – e.g. XSS in GET request parameters


Please provide as detailed a description as you can, or send us a combination of any of the previous choices. We welcome any recommendations on how to fix the vulnerability, if applicable.


To encrypt your email communications to us, please use our PGP public key:

ESET is a strong believer in, as well as a practitioner of, the responsible disclosure process and publicly credits security vulnerability reporters for their efforts if they do not wish to remain anonymous.