Hardware-based ransomware detection: Building your business based on security

Learn how a multilayered approach to security from ESET and Intel helps stop cyberthreats.

What you'll learn

ESET and Intel work together to help keep small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) safe

  • The main challenges SMBs face in protecting their businesses
    20% increase in threat detections between January and April 2022.
  • Why SMBs must evolve their security strategies to meet new business realities
    57% of SMBs have increased remote work in 2022.
  • How to boost SMB security with a multilayered approach
    Uncover ransomware exploits earlier with ESET solutions – optimized for hardware-based exploit detection on Intel vPro®.

Navigating Your Security Journey: A Guide for SMBs

Discover how using the Intel vPro® platform together with ESET Endpoint Security software can help your organization stay safe from cybersecurity threats.

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Learn how a multilayered approach to security from ESET and Intel helps stop cyberthreats

Are you concerned about the ever-expanding cybersecurity threat landscape?