Customer stories

“With ESET we can live in confidence in knowing that no matter how big our business grows, we will be protected.”

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– Fiona Garland, Business Analyst
Mercury Engineering, Manufacturing

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“Has been very easy to deploy and maintain.“ Read full story
Medical and industrial gas supply company
“I feel the console is relatively easy to use and contains a lot of useful info and distribution, and protection is topnotch.“ Read full story
Dynamic Computer Solutions of Topeka, Inc.
“Topnotch product!“ Read full story
“We are completely satisfied with their product and support; best in the market.“ Read full story
“Having most support cases resolved on the first call allows Sagiss to be confident to take on more clients.“ Read full story
“We are very satisfied with the ESET product, the management console, and its customization.“ Read full story
“Have been pleased with the ease of use of the console and been able to configure endpoints exactly how we needed to for protection...“ Read full story
“Overall it has been very pleasant, only had a few minor issues, which the support team helped me correct very promptly.“ Read full story
“Outstanding company, superb technical support, provides strong threat protection and central management.“ Read full story
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“Quick response to the latest viruses; excellent aftersales support; light impact on the network.“ Read full story
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“ESET is very much different. It does its job in the background without us even noticing.“ Read full story
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“Our experience with ESET far exceeds that of other security vendors.“ Read full story
“Since the installation of ESET, we’ve seen virtually no performance issue.“ Read full story
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“ESET offers us reliable security.“ Read full story
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“With free ESET Smart Security we guarantee a smooth and enjoyable use.“ Read full story
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“After in-depth tests on several of our stations, ESET was the obvious choice for us.“ Read full story
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“The MSP model gives Vancis and our customers the possibility to expand.“ Read full story