5 Reasons to Choose ESET as Your Preferred Cybersecurity Product

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MSPs are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding which cybersecurity vendor to partner with. So, it’s easy to make the wrong choice even though that could translate into lost revenues or worse, lTwo-thirdsost customers.

Luckily, MSPs that have enrolled into the ESET MSP programme don’t have those problems; they’re growing revenues and winning new customers. Here’s five reasons why it’s happening for them.

ESET’s only centre of attention; IT Security 

Those analysing companies that have failed will often blame the (former) management on a lack of focus. They’d struggle to make that claim about ESET, which has remained resolutely focussed on IT security – and nothing else – since the company was founded in 1987. Having a cybersecurity vendor as a partner that can demonstrate ‘deep’ knowledge of the internet security market is a real advantage when advising clients which have highly complex requirements.   

A giant knowledge pool to jump into

Your customer may have a complex requirement, but the chances are that another ESET partner will have already solved it. With partners in over 200 countries around the world, that’s a big knowledge pool that you can take advantage of.

Can’t stop, got a business to run

ESET’s solutions are designed with light system footprints. That allows your customers’ systems to run at full speed. Running at full speed means their business can move fast too; hopefully too fast for their competitors.

Easy-peasy. Or whichever way you want to say it

Ease of use means different things to different people. To ESET’s customers, it means ease of management. In fact, in a TechValidate survey of over 1200 ESET users, 64% mentioned it as a key factor in their purchase decision.

A system that pays for itself within a year

94% of the respondents taking part in a survey said that their ESET solution had paid for itself within a year. Two thirds said they saw a return on their investment within six months.

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