65% of IT Leaders expect a serious data breach in the next 12 months

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Okta, a cloud IT company, recently released its first Secure Business Agility Report. Which discovered that 65% of IT Leaders believe that their business will be hit with a serious breach in the next 12 months.

The key findings shed some interesting light on how organisations view security software, its day-to-day impact on productivity, the potential for breaches and how it can support growth.

52% of respondents believe that security measures reduce productivity, whilst 48% believe quite the opposite that they enable higher productivity.

Despite this 89% saw acquiring the latest and best tech as the best way to support future growth.

The real juicy finding is that 65% of respondents believe that a serious data breach will hit their business within the next 12 months, unless they change and modernise their security solutions.

This may not sound that shocking given the volume of breaches we’ve seen in the past few years but it does highlight the daily struggle of IT departments to keep up with the demands of technology that is in a state of constant evolution. Fully in the knowledge that one slip-up or a failure to keep pace could result in a massive breach, loss of public confidence, or worse.

You can read the full report here.

Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, explains that “malware mutates and adapts so quickly these days that it’s extremely difficult for any company to be expected to always be on top of it.

“As long as they take all the relevant measures and ensure they do as much as they can in keeping hardware and software up to date and patched to the latest versions then I believe they are doing all they can.

“The problem these days are that quite often it takes scare tactics to get things moving: explaining worst case scenarios or listing the types of catastrophic events that “could” happen if nothing is done.

“But it’s not all doom and gloom. Keeping your hardware (firmware) and software up-to-date along with practices like periodically reviewing your security policies and changing default passwords will go a long way in helping.”

Do you worry about potential breaches of your data? Or at your business?

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