The continuing growth of Cybercrime

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Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, explores the growth and future of cybersecurity and cybercrime.


Do you see the value of the Cyber Security industry growing?


“We must remember that all data has a value, and that value can be increased as more data is collated to form a better understanding of how the individual operates.

It’s like a fingerprint as such, as more and more data is harvested from the public and collated it starts to form a very clear picture, and this data could easily be used for identity theft or cyber-criminal activity.

“Protecting that data is becoming harder, but ultimately is only a matter of money, as expertise and experience comes at a cost of course.

“The trouble with cyber security is that it’s treated like an insurance - its only valuable if you need it. Paying top dollar for protection against something that “might” happen is hard to swallow.

“But it has to be done. The industry will continue to gain value as over time people realise that we need to put a stop to data breaches happening, including proactive education and training.”


How will updates be delivered?


“The biggest problem with patches and fixes is getting them out to the affected public, having to recall products for updates is a costly event and let’s not forget it generates PR chatter.

“Over the air (OTA) is much easier and, in most cases, has zero impact on the user. Of course the problem is that OTA has the possibility of itself being compromised, and this could easily lead to much bigger problems.”


When proving a hack has taken place, will software log the data or does it rest on the customer?


“It will drill down to how much logging is in place and what is exactly logged, proving you were hacked could be extremely difficult and will rest with the consumer to prove a hack took place.

“The problem is realising you were hacked and being able to correlate it with the events leading up to any accidents that happened.”

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