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Olivia Storey

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly more common and in the public eye, especially targeting companies and organisations to get the greatest impact and possible reward.

With that in mind, it does seem that many of these companies do not consider cyber security as an important factor to keep their businesses safe.

When it comes to actually getting business leaders to understand the importance of cyber security, some would say that being a victim of a successful cyber-attack is the only way to get these leaders to pay attention.

Mark James, ESET It Security Specialist, discusses why cybersecurity takes a backseat for some companies, and the repercussions of ignoring the importance of cybercrime to a business.

“One of the current problems with protecting against cyber-attacks is the perception of spending money on something that may or may not happen.

“In a time when the economy is tough, and every single pound needs to be justified and accounted for.

“It can be hard to allocate funds to protect you from a currently unknown or indeed unseen threat, even more so the longer you stay safe.

“When presented with real tangible financial issues for physical items it may seem OK to move funds away on the surface, but as we hear about them all the time cyber-threats can happen anytime from anywhere.

“I think most people in security understand we can’t protect 100% of the time, but as it takes only one successful attack to devastate or cripple a company, then your only defence is layered, up-to-date, continuous protection that’s capable of adapting and moving with the times.

“Sadly this all takes a decent investment. Once you have been bitten by a cyber-attack then it all makes so much more sense.

“The potential PR damage, especially with the GDPR approaching, will almost certainly influence decisions on cyber investments.


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