Thinking of using ESET Remote Administrator 6?

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If you are considering using ESET Remote Administrator, or ESET Endpoint Security for Windows or Android, then maybe this users review will convince you.

User Masterchiefxx17 from has written an extremely comprehensive review about the installation, usage and day-to-day running of ESET Remote Administrator 6 with ESET Endpoint Security for Windows as well as ESET Endpoint Security for Android.

You can read the full review here but we’ve picked out a few highlights for you.

Downloads are lightweight, megabyte-sized executable self-installers that are accessible directly through the ESET website. When speaking with an ESET software engineer, I was told that ESET focuses on the ease of installation and that is clearly noticeable when installing their software.

“Total installation time was about 10 minutes, quite quick for the entire database to be created for your network.

“ESET really does make a seamless and clear operation when installing their software. IT Managers and Security Team groups will understand that installation and deployment of security suites can be extremely time consuming and normally causes crashes or failures. I’ve been using these products for over a month now and I can state that ESET’s methods are unique and clever.

“When taking a look at ESET Endpoint Security there is a new refreshed and welcoming design. Previously, I was running ESET Endpoint Security standalone on my desktop computers and it ran a clean white look that had nice menus and was well designed.

“When combined with Remote Administrator 6, the end users should never have to think twice about security as the security team of said business will take care of what’s needed. When installed client side, ESET allows for the administrators to place passwords to stop end users from adjusting settings such as disabling the antivirus.”

Check out the full review here.

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