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ESET Version 10 release is drawing closer and with some fantastic new security updates, we break down what they are, how they can defend your device and why it’s important to stay protected. Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, informs us about ESET Secure Data.

ESET Version 10 launch is on the cusp of release and we are giving you a sneak-peek into what it will include. With our IT Professionals and Researchers working hard to make sure they are at the forefront of security and one step ahead of potential hackers, we are adding essential extra layers of protection.

Alongside improved performance and our award-winning virus detection rates we are introducing five new features in Version 10: Script-Based Attack Protection, Webcam Protection, Home Network Protection, ESET Secure Data and ESET Password Manager.

ESET IT Security Specialist, Mark James, informs and educates us on what Secure Data means and why it is important to protect your device.


What is ESET Secure Data?


ESET Secure Data brings a traditionally more business focused feature, encryption, to our home user products. With Secure Data you will be able to encrypt your USB drives and ZIP archive files to keep the data within safe and secure.

Encryption is a process whereby you make data, for example a document or important financial statement, unreadable unless you have the correct ‘key’. Your key will be stored locally and password protected, generally speaking.

“With USB sticks now so readily available it’s a great way to store your memories or private info, it’s also very easy to lose them. If you secure that data by using encryption, then if it ends up on the bus or lost somewhere at least you can be happy knowing no one will be able to gain access to that data without your permission.”


What does it combat?


Encrypting your USB drives and memory sticks will ensure that if they are lost or stolen the data contained cannot be accessed. Also prevent unauthorised access to ZIP archive files containing your most important documents, such as financial or personal information.

“With so much data moving back and forth with very little limit or control on where it’s going it’s important to understand the potential for limiting who can or cannot see that data. Data gets lost or stolen all too often, if that data is encrypted and the user does not have the authority to view that data then it will be completely useless to them and more likely to be discarded or ignored.”


Why is it important to protect your device?


Store data, such as financial information or important personal documents. Prevent loss of data through theft or misplaced devices. Incorporates an encryption software into your established anti-malware suite, meaning you don't need to use another 3rd party piece of software

“It basically protects you against unauthorised people viewing your private info, when you secure your USB, virtual disk or zip file this enables you to specifically determine who can or cannot view that information, also remember in its encrypted state its unable to be modified or infected with malware.”


How it will run on your device:


ESET Secure Data is activated via the ESET Smart Security Premium home screen. Next you select the USB drive/ZIP file you want to encrypt and follow a simple step-by-step guide, choosing your password is part of this process.

ESET Secure Data is only available with our top-tier product, ESET Smart Security Premium.

If you’re looking forward to the launch as much as we are, but have any further questions please let us know via Twitter @ESETUK

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