ESET Software and Windows 10

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Windows 10 launches tomorrow! If the extensive beta program is anything to go by then the transition should be relatively painless.

The discussion has been ongoing for months but as we stare Windows 10 in the face it’s hotting up: do you upgrade asap or hold off?

The answer will be largely subjective and it’s probably in your best interest to read a few articles or browse a few forums on the subject.

Particularly, it would seem, if you are using older peripherals, hardware or programmes. If so it’s probably best to hold off until you get the all clear from a trusted source that they do work. Or heck, maybe it’s time to upgrade and splash out on new tech!

Reddit has a really interesting thread running at the moment which provides answers to a few specific questions and gives some promising reviews to boot.

PC Advisor have been running a series of very helpful and informative articles about Windows 10’s new features as well as reasons to upgrade and a few to not.

Something worth bearing in mind if you qualify for the free upgrade: you have a year from July 29th in which to upgrade, there is no need to rush into it, waiting a few weeks and making sure any major bugs are ironed out is a safe bet.


ESET and Windows 10 compatibility

If you are planning on upgrading asap then one thing you don’t have to worry about is your ESET software.

So long as you have the current or previous generation of ESET Endpoint Antivirus or Endpoint Security (versions 5 or 6) for business users or ESET NOD32 or Smart Security (version 7 or 8) for home users, you’re all good.

If you’re not sure which version of ESET you have then a full guide as well as further information can be found here.

For any other question don’t hesitate to message us via Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Or call our support staff on 01202 548888.

Happy upgrading!

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Are you planning to upgrade day one? Or are you planning to wait a while? If so, how long?