iPhones vulnerable and ‘harmful’ 5G

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  • Smart IoT home hubs vulnerable to remote code execution attacks

"On Wednesday, the ESET cybersecurity team said three different hubs -- the Fibaro Home Center Lite, eQ-3's Homematic Central Control Unit (CCU2) and ElkoEP's eLAN-RF-003 -- contained bugs." Read the full story here.

  • Bug leaves iPhones vulnerable to hackers stealing email contents

“It is somewhat disconcerting at how easy it seems to have been to remotely exfiltrate private data from Apple devices." Read more here.

  • Twitter will remove 'harmful' 5G coronavirus conspiracy theories

"Twitter has a long history of being trailblazers in such areas so hopefully we will see other social media platforms take the same stance on such a hot topic." For the full story, click here.

  • Use this Android app store? Your personal details could now be in the hands of hackers

"Users have to weigh up whether or not it is really worth using such outlets which can so often be used for illicit means." For more, click here.

  • Facebook Users Beware: Here’s Why Messenger Rooms Is Not Actually That Private

“Marketeers like to advertise privacy in the form of blocking and reporting people, but the real privacy issue lies in sharing data with third parties which Facebook admit they will still do with their partners.” Full story here.

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