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James Pavett

Philip Hammond formally launch the new National Cyber Security Strategy at the end of last year, which is underpinned by an investment of £1.9 billion in the UK’s cyber defences, deterrents and development.

Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, discusses the potential impact of the plan and why everyone needs to get involved to make it a success.

“Any investment in this area has to be a good thing, with cyber-attacks becoming more and more frequent, any measures used to deter the bad guys or make it safer for people to interact with their digital presence has to be embraced.

“As with most security it’s all about layers and foundations, you have to look at all the avenues the bad guys use and prepare your defences accordingly.

“Having all the best up-to-date measures in place won’t necessarily help you if you don’t have the expertise to keep them on the cutting edge or knowing who can you go to or rely on if you need help.

Training, advice and education are all necessary features of an effective defence and all should be balanced to achieve security that’s maintainable.

“But it’s not just down to the government to do all the work, effective defence is everyone’s job, having the tools and knowledge available to make that easier and attainable will help every business both large and small.”


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