TeraByte and the hunt for a world class security company partnership

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Today we have a guest blog from one of our trusted partners, TeraByte. Marcus Dempsey, Managing Director, talks about his experience with ESET.

Since I first had the idea of starting a cyber-security company many years ago, one thing was clear in my mind: I needed to have a way to ensure that all of TeraByte’s future clients had the option to ensure that they were protected with world-class security software. This is why TeraByte became an ESET partner.

Even before TeraByte was born I had been using ESET NOD32 anti-virus for years both at home and in my professional work life. This goes way back to the days of Nimda which was causing havoc across the internet and many businesses. The software I found out quickly, was quick, light weight and didn’t slow down your computer upon first boot. Nor did it use up all your memory on which was precious back in those days.

For all my time using ESET products, I have not had one infection in my home or professional life, how many people can say this? I have however, had many automatic cleans, quarantines and emails thrown straight into the infected folder, taking care of the threats before I knew anything of them.

ESET security products are top notch, their engine and virus definitions are updated regularly, the products are tailored for all your needs, whether it’s desktop, server, mobile or gateway. Whatever you need you have a product to ensure you are safe and secure. If you ever need to roll back an update (which I’ve never needed to do yet), it’s just a simple case of finding the rollback option within the application.

The Graphical User Interface has always been clean and easy to use, from my time using ESET products I can safely say that I haven’t had to click around searching for options, trying to find the option of choice by trial and error. Their interfaces have always been clear and concise, and this is still true to this day.

If you’re looking to use endpoint security products across multiple devices in the work place, remote administration and ease of use is at the top of your list. ESET have the answer to this in the form of their cloud based Remote Administrator product. This product allows you to manage your software, create, update and apply security policies, deploy, install and update endpoint security software and much more.

Product support is one area I haven’t used much in the last 10 years or so, I can probably count the number of times on one hand. However, I can say that when I ‘ve contacted them via phone or email they have been quick and helpful and I’ve always managed to get my issue resolved.

In summary, if you’re looking for a light weight, up to date advanced endpoint security solution that won’t slow down your machine? Try ESET, after all you can get a 30-day free trial to make sure it meets your needs.

ESET would like to thank Marcus Dempsey, Managing Director at TeraByte, for writing this blog post. If you are interested in any ESET Security Products, cyber awareness training or any of the other services on offer from TeraByte, please visit their website.