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Olivia Storey

With cyber-attacks happening increasingly more often, we look into how to protect your business from Malware, and ask our IT Security Specialist, Mark James, for his top tips.

Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, gives us the three top tips on cyber risk insurance.


Top tip 1

The number one tip has to be a good tested point-in-time off site backup solution.

The number one risk currently is ransomware, with all the security solutions around at the moment there’s a good chance your security software will protect you against a ransomware attack, but if it does not and you get infected then you are in trouble.

If you have a good backup that has been tested working 100% AND is stored offline and offsite, then you will 100% get your files back.

It’s a no brainer really these days, many low cost solutions are available and compared to the physical and digital damage ransomware can cause, will only be a small fraction of final cost of being infected.

You hear it a lot, but that’s because it works. Keeping your Operating Systems, both desktop and server side, up to date and regularly patched will limit the attack vector the bad guys have.


Top tip 2

Make sure you also consider applications.

Ideally you want an application that is currently being maintained and updated, if it’s not then look for an alternative that is.

Periodically vet the apps being used in your network, decide if they are all used and uninstall any that are not.

So much malware we see today that hits the headlines is targeting vulnerabilities or exploits already known and patched in later versions, if you outsource your web servers or services ask them what security measures they have in place.


Top tip 3

Installing an up to date regularly updating multi layered internet security product these days is a must.

It’s your fist line of defence. Have a look around they are not all the same, read reviews and demo the product before you buy.

Also, ensure you regularly review it. What was good a few years ago may not be the best now.


Bonus tip!

I am also going to try to sneak in a fourth one here and that’s “Education”.

It really can make a difference. Educate your staff and users on current threats, help them understand what to look out for and integrate them into your security team.

They are often referred to as the weakest link but with the right education can be one of your strongest assets.


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