ESET has scored far above its closest competitors in CRN’s Vendor Report 2019

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The Vendor Report looks at vendors with the highest number of respondents from a pool of nearly 300 verified channel partners. Scores and written comments are used to rank the 42 vendors overall and in four categories: Technology Leadership, Channel Strategy and Account Management, Margins, Leads and Incentives and finally Training and Accreditation. Respondents range in job role from CEOs and MDs, to sales directors COOs, CMOs and lower level sales, marketing and technical staff. 


ESET emerged as a star performer in this report, with a core services average of 7.2, ranking it third overall. This is significant as antivirus vendors have tended to fare poorly in this report, ESET emerges as an exception to this rule, registering some excellent scores and rapturous comments across the board.


Outshining all 41 other vendors on Margins, Leads and Incentives, ESET topped the category, while also placing in the top six in the Technology Leadership and Channel Strategy and Account Management categories. 


“We’re very pleased with the results of CRN’s Vendor Report 2019. The positives highlight the hard work, dedication and determination of the team to make ESET a company to be trusted and invested in by the channel. We have to take the negative and mixed comments on the chin: we can certainly do better and we strive to everyday. Moving into 2020 we’re renewing our focus on the channel and plan to make working with ESET even better, both for the channel and for end users. More on this will be revealed to all our channel partners at the end of this month.” - David Mole, Channel Sales Director


If you’re interested in what ESET’s Partner Program has to offer, or you’re an MSP or looking to become one, you can find out more here