ESET Rolls Out its Update for Remote Administrator

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Today ESET started offering the latest version of ESET Remote Administrator, its platform-independent, remote management console for businesses.  The current version brings improvements and new features to make the lives of IT Administrators easier. 

It boasts a built-in task management system to minimize downtime, while enabling actions to be performed automatically based on dynamic group membership, even when endpoints are offline and not connected to ESET Remote Administrator (ERA). 

It has been enhanced with a post-installation wizard for intuitive setup and deployment in any environment and has redesigned mobile device enrollment ideal for mass enrollment of mobile devices. Automatic import to CSV is also a big plus of the latest version. 

“We were focusing on making the whole user experience with ESET Remote Administrator smoother at every stage– from the complex stuff such as set up or deploy to more specialized use-cases like license deployments, policy management or infrastructure upgrades and troubleshooting” explains Michal Jankech, Business Product Manager at ESET. 


With an improved web interface, IT Administrators and security teams have a full overview of what is happening within the organization and can determine relationships between data and users. 

In addition, it can be installed on Windows as well as Linux servers, and also comes as a virtual appliance. ESET Remote Administrator uses integrated tools, dynamic threat protection, and has a new agent-based architecture to streamline both network security and minimize administrative overhead.

New features and improvements include: 

  • Refactored agent deployment processes, with more options for a diversity of networks sizes
  • New installer with more installation options 
  • ERA appliance simplified for Small & Medium Businesses 

Learn more about ESET Remote Administrator or check out the whole ESET portfolio.