Cybersecurity Predictions For 2020 And Beyond:

How Can SMBs Prepare For A Changing Cybersecurity Landscape?

What does the future of cybersecurity look like?

The cyber threat to UK businesses is growing. As more of our personal and professional lives move to the online sphere, the risk of a cyberattack has become increasingly likely. In the current forward-facing landscape, what can businesses do to ensure they aren’t left behind, or worse, become the next cyberattack victim?

This whitepaper explores the current cybersecurity landscape, experts’ predictions for the next few years, and ways businesses can future-proof their cybersecurity measures to prepare for the challenges ahead.

Cybersecurity trends and its impact on businesses

The general understanding across the industry is that cyberattacks are commonplace now, both in terms of the frequency and scale of cyberattacks. Larger companies are still the most likely targets, but surveys indicate that small and medium-sized businesses are becoming equally vulnerable. As cybersecurity grows in importance, what are the trends businesses should keep an eye on in the future? 

Businesses will be more proactive

Cybersecurity awareness is on the rise and more businesses are creating response plans – 78% of businesses say it is a high priority for their organisation’s senior management.

Cybersecurity and the law

The threat landscape is continually evolving, and lawmakers will need to adapt quickly or risk leaving businesses exposed to future cybercriminal activity.

Increased cybersecurity spending

The average spend on cybersecurity is now $1.45 million and rapidly increasing, with more companies planning to raise their budgets by 5% or more in the coming years.

UK cybersecurity post-Brexit

There are both advantages and disadvantages to consider following the UK’s exit from the EU. Businesses will need to stay on their toes and react accordingly.

5G and IoT

In an increasingly complex and interconnected system, businesses will need to take extra care to secure their devices, or risk allowing hackers to infiltrate the network.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is experiencing a period of huge growth, to the benefit of businesses and hackers alike. Media literacy is key to help businesses evaluate the things we see and hear online.

The human element

Humans are the ones who can make or break a business’ cybersecurity defences, especially when 48% of managers are more concerned about internal employees rather than external hackers.

Deepfakes and online identity

Deepfakes are increasingly more difficult to spot and desperately require the help from artificial intelligence. Fake videos of famous or powerful people can be extremely manipulative and cause damaging effects.

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Insights from top cybersecurity experts

This whitepaper features key comments from a number of industry-leading cybersecurity experts across various fields of expertise:

Davey Winder

Senior Contributor, Forbes

Vasilis Katos

Head of Computing, Bournemouth University

Samuel Leach

Director, Samuel & Co Trading

Edward Whittingham

Managing Director, The Defence Works

Holly Andrews

Managing Director, KIS Finance

Jamal Ahmed

Privacy Consultant, Kazient Privacy Experts

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