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Auto-renewal Policy

Auto-renewal Policy

As a customer of ESET’s products (“the Software”), you are offered the opportunity to opt out of receiving an auto-renewal of the product. The following paragraphs are in our Terms and Conditions but for ease of reference, we repeat them below:

  1. Reminders

    We will send you reminders by email that your contract for the Software is due to be auto-renewed, from 30 days ahead of the date on which the Licence Period for the Software is due to expire.
  2. Cancellation of the Software contract renewal

    If you do not wish to proceed with the annual auto-renewal of the contract for the Software, you must cancel in accordance with the procedure set out in clause 9. The same terms applicable to receiving a refund of the price you paid for the Software will apply where you have opted for annual auto-renewal of the Software.
  3. Opting out of the annual auto-renewal of the Software

    You may opt out of the annual auto-renewal of the Software at any time by notifying us in writing, on the condition that no payments are due and outstanding to us. Any outstanding payments shall immediately become due for payment by you and must be settled in full by you in cleared funds before your opt-out will be processed by us.
  4. Updating your information

    Upon annual auto-renewal, payment shall be taken for the next year upfront using the payment details we currently hold for you and the Software and/or any updates to the Software will be supplied to you using the information we currently hold for you. We shall have no liability for any loss you suffer as a result of us being unable to complete the annual auto-renewal, provide the Software and/or the Help-Desk Service, referred to in our Terms and Conditions, and/or any periodic updates to the Software on any device(s) as a result of you failing to promptly advise us of your updated information in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.