4 ways MSPs are increasing their cyber security revenue

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Cybersecurity, alongside, cloud, is going to be one of the biggest and most important spending areas in the IT industry for the foreseeable future and any new partner that signs up to ESET’s MSP programme can expect to see an increase in revenues as a result. 

Here’s the four areas where we think they’ll see that revenue uplift coming from.


Comprehensive Suite of Products 

‘The answer is yes now what is the question?’ sounds cliché, until your customer asks for a solution that you can’t provide. Exit one customer to a competitor that can. That scenario is unlikely to happen to MSPs enrolled in ESET’s programme as the company can offer one of the most comprehensive suite of IT security products on the market, embracing everything from Antivirus to Endpoint Security on all IT platforms and all sized enterprises.


Speedy client onboarding

Client onboarding procedures can be long-winded affairs that tie up staff and delay billing. Not so with ESET as onboarding can be completed in a matter of minutes, with billing happening at the same time.


Tiered-based pricing model 

Tier-based pricing means the more licenses that you sell the better the unit prices you’ll receive from ESET. It’s a significant motivational factor for your staff and your finance team will be pretty happy too. 


Flexible License management  

Daily billing and monthly invoicing, adding new seats in real-time and only paying for the seat-days ordered are all examples of ESET’s extremely flexible license management. And that flexibility translates into increased revenues for the MSP.


To find out more about ESET’s MSP Programme, click here.