A Brief History of Social Media

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Even the most casual of Internet users is part of some form of Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google and many more, have become so ingrained in the consciousness of modern culture that words like “selfie” and “lol” have wormed their way into the dictionary.

You thought the dystopian future portrayed in Sci-fi films of the 1960’s and 70’s painted a scary imagine of the 2000’s: every time I hear “selfie” or “lol” used in common parlance I wonder if the apes really did takeover, whilst I was distracted checking Facebook.

I and many others enjoy poking fun at Social Media but it truly has changed the face of the world and in many ways for the better.

The following infographic sums up how Social Media has changed over the past decade and the new heights reached. Produced by www.mediavisioninteractive.com/blog/social-media/evolution-social-media/MediaVision.

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What do you think of Social Media? Do you use it for work mostly or personally?