Lord David Blunkett launches platform to fight cyberattacks for businesses

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The Cyber Highway has been created to enable companies to take control of their own online Cyber Essentials certification process. This means they are able to monitor progress and manage own digital assets.

A short while ago Lord David Blunkett launched The Cyber Highway, which is a platform that enables companies to take online control of the Cyber Essentials certification process. This enables them to make improvements to the safety and security of their digital assets. The company is also able to monitor in real-time the progress that their suppliers are making.

Cyber Essentials is a government scheme started back in 2014, helping organisations protect themselves against cyberattacks. With the official launch of Cyber Essentials in play, Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, shares his thoughts on the new scheme and what other precautions should be taken to stay safe.

“I think any initiative that makes it easier to reduce the amount of data breaches and cyberattacks felt by enterprises in the UK is a great way to help yourself become safer - this is a good thing, and good help is sometimes hard to find.


“This platform makes it easier to understand where your shortfalls may be, along with direction on how to get it sorted, and what to improve and why.

“Companies need to have, at the very least, a basic level of cyber awareness and resilience to then go on and build an effective solid robust defence.

“Enterprises need awareness of what’s doing the rounds when it comes to malware and modern day attack methods.

Knowledge really is king in this industry, and you can’t have too much insight into what or how malware could be attacking you.

“Keeping that knowledge current is quite difficult, but essential. Having a good basic level of security is very important, along with multi-layered internet security that updates regularly and up to date Operating Systems and applications.

“I believe this scheme will help the UK actively maintain its position as a world leader in cybersecurity post Brexit, as protecting our businesses is not simply a one-step operation.

“Lots of layers will be needed to protect against cyber warfare, any and all help on that difficult road should be embraced and encouraged.”

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