Cybercriminals capitalise on Corona and 900 million Whisper breach

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Catch up on the top five cybersecurity stories of the week.

  • Cybercriminals target healthcare professionals with phishing emails about 'coronavirus awareness' amid wave of scams attempting to capitalise on pandemic

“Cyber criminals are relying more on social engineering, the practice of deceiving or manipulating someone, and right now this tactic is proving very popular and people feel they have limited time to research the background and validation of sites.” Read the full story here.

  • Fantasies of 900 million Whisper users exposed in yet another data breach

‘If companies are still leaving data online, unprotected without a password, they should face the consequences of their actions.” Read more here.

  • Russia-backed crew's latest malware has discerning taste – when screening visitors to poisoned watering holes

"Data from ESET telemetry suggests that, for this campaign, only a very limited number of visitors were considered interesting by Turla's operators." For the full story, click here.

  • Hospitals At Risk Due To Outdated Operating Systems

“If these machines are hooked up to unsupported and out-of-date operating systems, they are in a seriously dangerous position – effectively playing Russian roulette with their cyber security,” For more, click here.

  • Hackers hit with malware-ridden tools

"Once campaigns like this are released into the wild, they inevitably end up being used by other threat actors, which increases the number of targets on a wider scale." Full story here.

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