How does ESET Protect Complete protect against phishing attacks?

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It’s impossible to estimate the number of people targeted by email scams each day. However, phishing is the most common form of cybercrime, with 79% of UK businesses attacked in 2023 reporting the cause as phishing

Without robust mail protection measures, the threat of falling victim to these phishing attacks increases, putting your device and valuable data at risk.

As cybercriminals are growing more sophisticated with their technology and tactics, malicious emails are now harder to identify than ever before. And with convincing sender addresses and realistic scenarios, even the most vigilant among us can inadvertently fall prey to targeted attacks. All Managed Service Providers (MSPs) must actively mitigate this risk, and a robust email protection solution should be at the forefront of their clients’ cybersecurity strategy. 

ESET’s Protect Complete package includes ESET mail protection that seamlessly integrates with Cloud Office 365/GWS. Not only does it locally safeguard against zero-day threats, but it also provides comprehensive monitoring and multi-layered scanning of all incoming external communications before reaching the user, ensuring enhanced security at every step. 

Using LiveGuard Advanced (Advanced Threat Defence), ESET Protect Complete offers automated detection and response capabilities, which are especially crucial for identifying new, never-before-seen, and targeted attacks. 

 In a landscape where cyber threats are ever-evolving, ESET's comprehensive suite of solutions empowers MSPs to stay ahead of the curve, safeguarding their clients' interests with unparalleled efficacy and efficiency.

Are you ready to level up your MSP offering? ESET's track record speaks for itself with over 400k business customers and 1 billion users protected worldwide. We're here to discuss how ESET can ensure your peace of mind and your Progress. Protected.