Why you should book a service review

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Do you want your ESET cybersecurity solution to work as well as it could? 

You might be investing valuable resource into a protection plan that’s not working to its full potential in keeping your digital world safe. Not only does this mean you may be more vulnerable to cyber attacks, but it also means that you’re spending time and money where it may be better used elsewhere. 

ESET offers a FREE service review to help you ensure that your current solution is providing the maximum defence possible against cyber threats. 

Why get a service review?

  • You have nothing to lose - the review is essentially a free private consultation session where ESET experts advise on the best way to utilise your security setup to best protect your business. 
  • You’ll learn how to optimise your solution to get the best protection - ESET experts will talk you through all the features your plan includes and guide you on how you can make them as efficient and robust as possible, working alongside other security solutions you may be using.
  • You’ll ensure that your cybersecurity is compliant with any regulations your company needs to adhere to. 
  • You’ll find out more about the evolving threat landscape and any risks you might need to look out for. Your ESET experts will identify if there’s any room for improvement across your whole cybersecurity strategy and talk you through the different options available. 
  • You’ll get the opportunity to ask questions about your ESET protection plan and gain insight into the latest product offerings and features that may improve your overall digital protection.

What does the service review consist of?

The review starts with a few questions to help our experts understand your specific cybersecurity needs and concerns. 

With this increased understanding, our team will then go through your current security setup with you to learn more about how you use the protection plan. They will identify if any features aren’t being used to their potential, and if there are different ways you can set them up to be more effective for your business, working alongside any other security solutions you may have. 

Additionally, if your service consultant identifies any gaps in your security that put your network more at risk of an attack, they will talk you through the options available, taking into account your risk tolerance, incident response plans, business continuity, and industry compliance requirements. For an even in-depth review of your security posture, a full paid service from our services professionals is also available. 

The service review is designed to help you make the most out of your ESET solution, and ensure that you have the protection in place to keep your network safe in the ever-growing threat landscape. If you have any concerns or queries, you can bring them up with your service consultant, who will provide an impartial opinion on the best steps to mitigate risk and improve your cybersecurity efficiency. 

Ready to optimise your ESET cybersecurity? Chat to your Account Manager today to book in.