How to build out your cybersecurity offering with ESET

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Back in the day, anyone shopping for their household would have to spend their time schlepping from shop to shop collecting items along the way; visiting, in turn, the butcher, the baker, the green grocer, the fishmonger and so on. It must have been exhausting, which was why the introduction of supermarkets must have appeared a godsend. 

So what has Britain’s changing shopping habits got to do with cybersecurity we hear you say. Well, because, thanks to ESET, today’s SMBs are having to make the equivalent of fewer shopping trips and can now buy all their cybersecurity products from just one supplier; ESET.  Or more precisely, you, if you’re signed up to ESET’s MSP Programme. 

Thanks to the growing complexity and ‘inter-connectedness’ of modern day business, even a relatively small SMB will need a security suite that protects everything including PCs, laptops,  mobile devices, USB drives, networks and servers. 

The proliferation of bring your own device (BYOD) policies means this IT system may well include both Windows and Mac computers, as well as iPhone and Android phones, file servers, and email accounts. It represents quite a lengthy shopping list where buying different security solutions from multiple vendors could leave them feeling just as exhausted as the grocery shoppers of yesteryear. 

And not just exhausted. Managing multiple vendors takes up management time and requires administration resources. It also drives up costs for the SMB as each vendor comes equipped with their own profit line. 

ESET’s comprehensive suite of security products represents a truly one-stop shop that gives SMBs protection from cyberattacks across the board including endpoint security, mobile security, remote management, two-factor authentication, encryption, file security, email security and virtualisation security.

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