How to Sell Cyber Security to your MSP Customers

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Selling cyber security solutions to SMBs should be easy. After all, with an estimated 61 percent of all cyber breaches aimed at SMBs - as opposed to large corporates or other organisations - surely these customers now realise that they’re in the front line when it comes to cyberattacks?

Sadly, if they are then some are still woefully unprepared. Which could be tough on them - and their staff and customers. So although we all know they need more effective cybersecurity, persuading them that they want it is a different matter.  And if reading the innumerable number of articles in the media about cyberattacks won’t spur them into buying, what chance does an MSP have?

Well, a pretty good one. Particularly if that MSP has signed up to the ESET MSP Program. Because then they’ll have access to best-in-class security solutions. Sadly, just offering a great solution may not be enough to tip them over the edge. So here’s five ideas that just might.

Be Positive

Despite all those hysterical headlines, selling using fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) is negative selling. It might have worked for IBM in the 80s but things have moved on since then. FUD creates skepticism so use it sparingly.

Be Relevant

Your salesforce will have received excellent product training from ESET and they may be keen to demonstrate their technical knowledge. Trouble is, the prospect’s management team don’t give a stuff about things like ‘Endpoint Threat Detection and Response’ so talk their language not yours.

Be Practical

If your prospect is at the ‘crawl’ stage (as opposed to the ‘walk’ or ‘run’ stage) then you’d better get down on your knees and crawl with them. Understanding where they are today - as opposed to where you want them to get to - is half the battle in sales terms.

Be Measurable

Effective cybersecurity prevents attacks, detects potential threats, and reduces breach impact. So a bit like selling insurance, you’re selling something that may never happen. But if it did, the effect could be very real. Use business metrics to build a business case not an emotional one.

Be Strategic

Cybersecurity is not just about keeping IT clean; it goes far beyond that. And by drawing a direct line between your cybersecurity solutions and their primary business, you’ll win their trust - and gratitude. Don’t know what their primary business is and the role that IT plays in it? Best not make that call just yet!

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