MSPs love partnering with ESET, here are 5 reasons why

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What is it about a list? Whether it’s naming the world’s top 100 guitarists or ten new tricks to teach a dog, we all love a good list. MSPs are no exception and we recently asked them to list the top five things they love most about partnering with ESET.

Volume sales equals volume profits

ESET’s tier-based pricing policy means the more licences they sell, the better unit price the MSPs can sell at - so delivering more profit to them. It’s a real incentive to work hard on aggregating as many clients as they can as the policy takes into account all licences.

It’s become a mantra of ours, ‘daily billing, monthly invoicing’

MSPs are winning customers just by offering them the opportunity to only pay for the number of licences that they actually use, but a little known aspect of this policy is that there is no upfront investment required by them either. Protecting cashflow wasn’t listed by the MSPs but it might be one day.

Aim high(er)

The benefits of detailed reporting isn’t just about providing MSPs with accurate data but it’s incentivising them too. Reports showing exactly how many licences are being used for every site also shows the aggregated totals too, which is spurring some on to reach for a higher tier.

Get new customers onboard - fast

We know that getting prospects to sign can be tough. So does ESET which is why they offer MSP’s potential new customers the opportunity to try its business products free of charge for up to 90 days. (That offer applies to the MSP as well).

Get new products onboard - fast 

ESET’s multi-platform coverage extends from endpoints to servers and virtual systems. That’s a lot of product knowledge to absorb and ESET makes that process easier by offering a multitude of support services. MSPs really appreciate things like local technical and premium support that aims to get them up to speed fast.

Had we asked them to list ten things, we think ‘working with a trusted industry leader’ might have appeared somewhere too.  What would be on your list?

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